In its heyday, a large portion of the illegal drugs distributed in the area were grown on Cairn.

Cairn, a world notorious for its high levels of crime, corruption and drug trade.


In its heyday, a large portion of the illegal drugs distributed in the area were grown on Cairn.

The planets population had the highest addiction rate in the Milky Way Galaxy, approaching hundred percent in areas. The police force that Garryn Bek belonged to was also corrupt and under the control of drug lords. The hierarchy of drug lords was led by Kanis-Biz, the father of Marij'n Bek and father-in-law of Garryn Bek.

Most food is imported because all agriculture on Cairn was devoted to the production and manufacturing of the drugs.

When the Dominators arrived to conquer the planet, but the corrupt government surrendered some it's people, Cairn like many other worlds showed their compliance with the Dominators' plans

When Garryn Bek escaped the Dominators along with Vril Dox II they devised a plan of ousting the drug lords from Cairn. The plan involved taking over the police force and using them to fight the private armies of the drug lords.

There were good police officers followed Bek and Dox with question whilst the corrupt cops were scared into action by the bounty hunter Lobo into joining Dox.

The founding L.E.G.I.O.N. were being treated by their host, Kanis-Biz, at his estate prior to the assault. When the assault hit, they were reluctant to join in on another one of Dox's deceits.

They fought Lobo, while Dox held Kanis-Biz hostage. Vril Dox II forced his surrender after Kanis-Biz saw that the battle was hopeless because Lobo was fighting against him.

After Kanis-Biz ordered all of his troops to stand down and surrender Vril Dox II executed him, ending the rule of Kanis-Biz as drug lord.

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