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Killer Frost was a metahuman criminal operating in Central City with her partner and boyfriend Deathstorm.

Secretly, Killer Frost was working with Zoom and it was her job to track down people who had entered Earth-2 through one of the many breaches in the universe and eliminate them.

Killer Frost and Deathstorm had an encounter with the Flash of Earth-1, and after Deathstorm and Reverb nearly killed him, Zoom appeared and murdered them both for disobeying him, as they were supposed to leave any speedsters unharmed. Zoom spared Killer Frost for following his rules, but she left distraught over the death of her lover.

Barry Allen, Harrison Wells and Iris West from Earth-2 along with Cisco Ramon were able to convince Killer Frost to help them rescue Earth-1 Barry Allen from Zoom because the black speedster had murdered the love of her life.

After her betrayal, Zoom kept her imprisoned in a cell for months, with only the man in the iron mask as company. When her Earth-1 doppelgänger was brought to the lair, she persuaded her to help her escape and in return she would help her get down the cliffs outside Zoom's lair. Killer Frost commented that she hadn't known why Zoom kept her alive all this time, because he didn't need her- but realized that it was because she looked like the woman he loved. Caitlin from Earth-1 managed to weaken the carbine in the cell which allowed Killer Frost to escape but was double crossed by her villainous counterpart. Killer Frost attempted to kill her by throwing an icicle at her, but Zoom intervened before it could stab Caitlin. He grabbed it, and used it to stab Killer Frost while telling her that she was right and he didn't need her anymore.




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