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| RealName = Caitlin Snow
| RealName = Caitlin Snow
| CurrentAlias = Killer Frost
| CurrentAlias = Killer Frost
| Aliases =
| Aliases = Elsa
| Identity = Secret
| Identity = Secret
| Alignment = Bad
| Alignment = Bad

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Quote1 It's so much more fun to be bad. Quote2
Killer Frost src

Killer Frost was a metahuman criminal operating in Central City with her partner and boyfriend Deathstorm. Secretly, Killer Frost was working with Zoom and it was her job to track down people who had entered Earth-2 through one of the many breaches in the universe and eliminate them.

Killer Frost and Deathstorm had an encounter with the Flash of Earth-1, and after Deathstorm and Reverb nearly killed him, Zoom appeared and murdered them both for disobeying him, as they were supposed to leave any speedsters unharmed. Zoom spared Killer Frost for following his rules, but she left distraught over the death of her lover.




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