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Cal is an angel created by Sandalphon, as an experiment to create an army of angels to storm heaven, using the demiurgic power of Michael, and an unnamed woman.

As he is sterile, he is considered a failed experiment.

Sandalphon uses Cal mostly as a henchman for various task, from cleaning their base of operation, feeding the other failed experiments, and killing off people. Cal is very protective of his sister, Elaine Belloc, and Sandalphon used this for his own ends, sending him to kill David Easterman, Elaine's genetical father, who was trying to protect her daughter under the guide of Lucifer. He was interrupted by his sister, and left the man alone. Later, he tried to protect Sandalfon from Lucifer and was incinerated by the Morningstar.[1]

Despite this accident, Cal was called by Lucifer to travel along other people into the Mansions of Silence to recover the soul of Elaine, who was dead at the moment. Been still overprotective of her, he accepted, even when was shunned by most of his travelling companions. He died twice on this mission. First by some demons who left his remains to be seen by everyone as a warning, and later when a duplicate from a mirror dimension appeared, he was killed again by Tsuki-Yomi with a voodoo doll. His remains where left on the Mansions when they desintegrated, destroying all that he was.[2]

For all this suffering in his life, Elaine, once gained godhood, recreated Cal and gave him a normal human life to live, as the son of Matthew Belloc and Barbara Belloc, making at the same time for the new family to forget the existence of Elaine Belloc.[3]


  • Wings: (Formerly) As an angel, he has wings and can fly unaided.

Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: (Formerly) He is 'flawed' by Sandalphon words. He is very dependant, and has stutter. When recreated by Elaine, this impairments where not present.



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