Quote1.png I gotta hand it to you, Calamity. You're a woman and a half. If you could just get rid of the other half... Quote2.png
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Devoted fiancée of Shame, Calamity Jan was a willing and able lieutenant in his gang of modern-day desperadoes. Together, the pair looted Gotham City and defied all its authorities (particularly Batman, Robin, and Batgirl) without a single spat - unless Jan's overprotective mother Frontier Fanny was involved.

For a time, Jan tried to temper the mutual dislike between her fiancé and her mother. When the latter was captured by the Gotham City Police Department, however, she begged the former for a rescue - even if it meant giving up a vital hostage. Though strongly opposed, Shame eventually relented (vainly hoping to ambush the Dynamic Duo at the prospective hostage swap), and Jan was overjoyed to recover her mother.

Some time later, Jan and her mother helped Shame steal more than fifty million dollars from a Federal treasury train. While she hoped to retire in peace with this loot, her fiancé insisted on one last confrontation with Batman, with her and the rest of the gang stationed as snipers. Jan obliged and almost killed the Caped Crusader, but was ambushed at the last second by Batgirl and Robin, and sent to the women's penitentiary.[1]



  • Family: Calamity Jan cared deeply for her mother's well-being, more than even her fiancé's criminal ambitions.


  • Fear Gas: A chemical of unknown origins that can (temporarily) reduce even the bravest man to a sniveling coward.


  • Guns: Like every member of Shame's gang, Calamity Jan was well-armed with both pistols and rifles.

  • Calamity Jan was portrayed by Dina Merrill, real-life spouse to Shame's actor Cliff Robertson. According to writer Stanley Ralph Ross, the character had been created at Robertson's request.[2]


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