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Caleb, also called Condition Red, was an enigmatic figure, more an assassin than a superhero, who owed a debt to Jackson King and thus served in The Monarchy.

Very little is known about Caleb prior to his joining The Monarchy.

He appears to be some sort of dimension-traveling thief and assassin, though he calls himself a "Chaos Artist". One could interpret that to mean "terrorist", also.

Little was known of his past and he liked it better that way. What is known about him was that, some time ago, he was imprisoned by a powerful wizard known as Doctor Osiris, who supposedly caught Caleb in bed with his daughters. After years of torture he was freed by Battalion (Jackson King) the leader of The Monarchy and, seeing as he "owed" him, he served the team as their resident hitman.

Caleb was a trickster and very elusive fellow. His powers appear to come from an artifact he carried which allow him, possibly by sorcerous means, to travel between dimensions and teleport. In addition he possessed certain "unique" weapons that one presumes could only be acquired on whatever world he called home--for example, a sniper rifle called a "Spirit Rifle" that can tear a person's soul out.

Using such a gun he captured the soul of Hitler and he and Battalion later sold it to interdimensional demonic figures in exchange for the puppy who would grow up into Fenris the Norse wolf-god of legend.


  • Weapons Master: Caleb is highly skilled in conventional as well as unique weapons.
  • Firearms: Expert Marksmen.
  • Occultist: Caleb has extensive knowledge of both the mystical world, and other dimensions.


  • Smoke Vial Artifact: allows him to use magic to travel between dimensions and teleport.



  • Spirit Rifle: a sniper rifle capable of tearing a person's souls out.
    • Exorcism
    • Mystic laser
  • Energy Carbine & Energy Gauntlet: this arcane energy gauntlet works in tandem with the spirit rifle.
    • Concussion Blast
    • Energy Constructs
      • Mana Knives