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Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known by his nickname "Caligula", was a Roman emperor between AD 37–41.

Caligula was famous for his cruelty, and is the fourth benefactor of Ibac.[1]

During his lifetime Emperor Caligula employed a sorcerer by the name of Marcellus. When the gladiator Gaius Publius refused to kill a defeated opponent Caligula gave the gladiator to Marcellus to use as he saw fit as punishment, which resulted in Gaius being transformed into a nigh immortal monster, which still refused to obey.[2]

Caligula raped the wife of Gaius Marcus, a Roman citizen who had refused to take part in his assassination. Marcus went to the nearest temple to appeal to the gods for help, but was answered by Beelzebub. The demon influenced Roman conspirators to kill Caligula.[3]

After his death, Caligula became one of the damned; he was fed by demons with the blood of sinners for circa 2,000 years. He was served as a feast when Etrigan once tried to rule Hell.[4]


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Some of Caligula actions can only be explained as madness.

  • This character is a fictional representation of Caligula, a real person. More information on this person can be found at Wikipedia.org.



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