Quote1.png Using your futuristic brain-power and my military knowledge-- We have assembled this magnificent machinery! All that remains now is to power it! Make mutant-energy flow into my weather-controller! ...My illusion-caster! ...My energy-cannon! And now, my Army of Tomorrow, leave me alone... As I broadcast my demands to a groveling Earth! Quote2.png
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Calixto was a mad scientist who used his position in the United States Government to engineer the creation of hundreds of mutants. Decades later he subjected them to brainwashing and exploited them to facilitate a world-takeover attempt.

In 1953, Calixto was posted in the North Atlantic to do biological research with the Atomic Energy Commission. On February 5, the date of an atom bomb test, Calixto placed a canister containing a mutagenic vapor at ground zero, counting on the blast force of the bomb to disperse the vapors over a thousand-mile radius. All humans born in the area on that date within an hour of the detonation were altered by the vapors into mutants, born with four thumbs on each hand but a capacity for enormous psychic power. Over the next couple of decades, Calixto tracked the mutants he was responsible for creating, and when the majority had aged to their physical prime, Calixto mesmerized them into doing his bidding as the Army of Tomorrow, taking over Langer Air Force Base, keeping intruders away, and feeding their power to an arsenal of super-weapons Calixto had developed. Calixto's endgame was to present the nations of the world with an ultimatum to submit to his rule or face untold devastation. Perry White, editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, caught onto this story by chance when his open-air lunch with Clark Kent was interrupted by the sight of a young couple walking by with gloves on their hands in the sweltering heat of summer. Intuitively sensing a story, White approached the youngsters, only for the two to remove their gloves, revealing their hand deformity, and stun Perry with a psychokinetic burst. Clark chased after the couple as Superman but was struck down through a more concentrated burst of power. Meanwhile, Perry recovered and stowed away inside the baggage compartment of the mutants' getaway helicopter. Superman pursued the mutants to Langer Air Force Base, where the entire Army of Tomorrow focused their powers on the Man of Steel to incapacitate and imprison him. Luckily, Perry rescued Superman by knocking out and impersonating a mesmerized guard. Superman deduced that the mutants' psychic powers were broadcast along a sonic wavelength and created a tuning fork to generate destructive interference. Superman went on to confront Calixto, brushing off his illusion-caster and weather-controller. Calixto deliberately caused his energy-cannon to backfire into his body, allowing him to go toe to toe with Superman. Greedy for more power, Calixto attempted to backfire the rest of the energy-cannon's charge into his body, only for Superman to get in the way and take the brunt of the release instead. As a consequence, the entire hangar went up in an explosion, and only Superman crawled out of the wreckage alive. Afterwards, the Army of Tomorrow, free of Calixto's evil mental domination, decided to establish a new system of life for themselves on another planet, returning to Earth only occasionally to reward Perry White for his role in helping them gain their freedom.[1][2]




  • Energy-cannon
  • Weather-controller
  • Illusion-caster



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