Rako, the Cambodian, was an enemy of Captain Atom.

During the Vietnam War, Rako was a Cambodian refugee and survivor of a U.S. bombing raid. He was recruited using advanced mind control techniques by Alec Rois, an undercover C.I.A. agent who was working in Vietnam during the war, to perform assassinations for him and protect a drug ring that Rois and a number of American soldiers known as "The Green Elite" were a part of. Rako was used by Rois to kill one of The Green Elite, General Lemar, for being a liability to their operation while framing Nathaniel Adam for General Lemar's murder, an act which ultimately led to Adam being tried for treason and taking part in the Captain Atom Project.[1]

Adopting the name "the Cambodian," the ex-Khmer Rouge warlord carries weapons that have been treated with the X-Ionizer, a prototype molecular hardening technology device that allows edged weapons to cut through virtually any object. The device and its creator, Doctor Heinrich Megala, were shot down over Cambodia in 1969 and he used the device to create his weaponry.

Almost two decades later, Rako came into conflict with Nathaniel Adam, who was currently the superhero Captain Atom, and Plastique over X-Ionizer technology that was smuggled into Cambodia.[2][3]



Rako utilizes a shield coupled with body armor which has also been augmented by X-Ionizer refinement making it tough enough to resist full power quantum blasts from Captain Atom.


The Cambodian wields a X-Ionized sword that its sharpened edge can cut finer and cleaner than the most advanced blade or laser.



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