Cameron Bowen (b. September 13, 1988) voiced Tim Drake and Toyman for the animated series Young Justice. He also voiced Jason Todd/Red Hood for the video game Injustice 2.

Work History

Acting Credits

Young Justice 2010- Tim Drake/Robin
     "Happy New Year!" April 28, 2012 Tim Drake/Robin
     "Bloodlines" June 2, 2012 Tim Drake/Robin
     "True Colors" January 19, 2013 Tim Drake/Robin
     "Intervention" March 2, 2013 Tim Drake/Robin
     "Endgame" March 16, 2013 Tim Drake/Robin
     "Triptych" January 18, 2019 Tim Drake/Robin
Young Justice: Legacy November 19, 2013 Tim Drake
Icicle Minion
Infinite Crisis March 26, 2015 Robin
Injustice 2 May 16, 2017 Jason Todd/Red Hood
Lego DC Super-Villains October 16, 2018 Red Robin[1]
Red Hood[2]

  1. Bowen took over the role of from Scott Menville who had voice the character as Robin for Lego Dimensions.
  2. Bowen took over the role of from Troy Baker who last voiced the character for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

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