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Cameron Chase, aka X-Tract, is a private eye from Earth-Two. She was erased along with her reality in the first crisis but was restored on Earth 0 by the “unknotting” of the timeline.[1]

She appears to be several decades older than the Cameron Chase of Earth 0 and was presumably born much earlier in her world's history.

After she was recreated, Chase sought out the new version of her old associate Mister Bones, who in this reality was the Director of the DEO. She told him the truth about what had happened and in the hopes of keeping Earth 0 safe from future crises, Bones made a deal with Darkseid. In exchange for protection, the DEO would hand over people on Earth 0 who were originally from other worlds.[1]

Bones put Chase, now using the code name X-Tract, to work capturing those people. He initially planned to start small and sent her to abduct Thomas Wayne, a refugee from a dead timeline.[2] She completed the mission but then captured almost the entire JSA against orders.[3] He also sent her after the recently resurrected Roy Harper, who was integral to Darkseid’s plans, but she was repelled by his newly acquired Black Lantern Ring.[4]

At the same time, Bones was trying to convince Chase’s Earth 0 counterpart to join him. He sent her into a confrontation with an alternate version of Captain Atom who had broken away from Darkseid. As Bones expected, Atom breached his own containment skin in attempt to kill them both, and he sent X-Tract in to rescue her alternate self at the last second to ensure the younger Chase’s loyalty.[3]

X-Tract believed that other heroes would investigate the JSA’s appearance and would eventually come to them, and was proven correct when Green Lantern and Obsidian infiltrated DEO bunker Command D looking for Jade and were swiftly captured.[5]

She tried to take the pair to Earth Omega, but her Carrier Ark crashed into another Ark which had been hijacked by the JSA and Roy Harper.[3] On the surface the occupants of the two ships, which included Bones and the other Cameron Chase, confronted each other and X-Tract revealed her true identity, much to her counterpart’s shock.

They found a brainwashed Barry Allen running in a turbine, generating the energy needed to open a crack in the Multiverse and allow Darkseid to access the Great Darkness beyond. The heroes planned to free him but before the could X-Tract’s ally the Psycho-Pirate and Injustice Incarnate attacked the assembled heroes. X-Tract fought her alternate self until the heroes were ensnared in Darkseid’s dark energy chains.[1]

President Superman broke free of the chains and destroyed the turbine. Barry Allen disappeared and the chains vanished, with the crack in the Multiverse retreating from Earth Omega beyond Darkseid’s grasp. With his plan foiled, Darkseid teleported everyone but X-Tract back to their home realities. Later, X-Tract pledged her loyalty to Darkseid before the New Gods of Apokolips.[6]



  • Teleportation Gun
  • Teleporter
  • Visor



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