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Agent Cameron Chase is an experienced agent of the Department of Extranormal Operations.


After her father, the Acro-Bat, a costumed superhero in a low-level super team, was murdered by a villain named Doctor Trap, Cameron Chase dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice.


Eventually becoming a highly skilled and prized DEO agent, Chase had a number of solo adventures before becoming part of Manhunter's escapades. A relationship with tech guru Dylan Battles has recently produced a pregnancy and will likely affect her work.


  • Energy Negation: Cameron can subconsciously dampen the superhuman talents of any metahuman within her sphere of influence when she is threatened.
  • Psychokinesis: She is able to disintegrate Clay-Thing into protoplasm with her mind.[2]


  • In the 853rd century, an operative for the DEO known only as Chase polices the sale of black-market "power icons" at a colony on Mars. Whether or not this version of Agent Chase is a descendant of Cameron Chase has yet to be clarified.[3]



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