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Quote1.png You appeared in uniform without my clearance, Supergirl. This isn't where you speak. It's where you listen. Quote2.png
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Cameron Chase is the former head of the Department of Extranormal Operations, and has been an ally to several heroes like Batwoman and Supergirl.

Cameron worked with Batwoman in several cases. Later she became the head of the D.E.O. in National City. Cameron managed to find a way to rescue Dr. Shay Veritas from an extra-dimensional confinement she was trapped in,[1][2] and the doctor joined Cameron's DEO squad.[3] At some point she and Shay would enter a relationship.[4]

Later she met Supergirl after the Girl of Steel lost her powers. Cameron offered to help Supergirl get her powers back in exchange for working with the DEO from time to time,[5] letting them oversee her activity and helping them develop Kryptonian-based technology.[6] Cameron kept her promise and assigned Supergirl two handlers/adoptive parents.[7]

Shortly after Cameron headed National City's defense when Supergirl battled Cyborg Superman's army.

Later Emerald Empress arrived at National City seeking the destruction of Supergirl and her allies. Sarya leaked that Cyborg Superman was Supergirl's father and the D.E.O. was trying to rehabilitate him.[8] Cameron became Chief Bones' scapegoat and forced to resign publicly. Yet still, she realized the organization was rotten and decided to investigate into its corruption.[9]




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