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Cameron Mahkent is the son of the supervillain Icicle and the boyfriend of Courtney Whitmore. He is also a student at Blue Valley High School and a member of an Norwegian family with Cryokinetic powers.

Cameron is the son of the late Jordan and Christine Mahkent and the the grandson of Sofus Mahkent and his late wife Lily. Cameron was initially unaware of his father's villainous acts as Icicle and that Jordan was at war with Courtney, the girl Cameron had a crush on. In season 3, Cameron's powers manifested, and upon finding out, Courtney tried to sway Cameron to the good side so she wouldn't have to fight him like she did his dad. When The Ultra-Humanite posed a threat to Blue Valley, Courtney wanted even more for Cameron to join her team due to the vast amount of power he possessed. However, her plans to recruit Cameron got derailed when Jordan Mahkent returned from the dead. The tables then turned and Cameron tried getting Courtney to team up with him and his family, but Courtney refused. Because Courtney couldn't get Cameron to work with her, and Cameron couldn't get Courtney to work with him, they ended up fighting each other at the junk yard. Courtney's team became quickly overwhelmed by the sheer force of Cameron and his father. However, after seeing the monster that Jordan Mahkent really was, Cameron switched sides and killed his own father. Courtney tried to get Cameron to stay in Blue Valley and join her team, but the guilt overtook Cameron and he left town without a second thought much to Courtney's disappointment. Ten years later Cameron has returned and joined the Justice Society of America.





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