Camilla Ortin was the daughter of Oscar Ortin, a fireworks salesman. Camilla's disdain for the noise of her father's trade and the death of her parents in a fireworks factory explosion led her to find solace in silence and practice the art of mime. Taking on the stage name of Camilla Cameo, she started the Cameo Company, which abruptly went bankrupt. This led Camilla to a life of crime as the Mime.

On her first capers, Camilla stole several bell clappers from churches across Gotham City, which led to her eventual confrontation with Batman. Although she managed to escape the first time, she was eventually captured and stopped, after which she was sent to Arkham Asylum.


  • Dancing: Camilla is skilled in mime and ballet.
  • Camilla Ortin seldom speaks, which leads people to think she is mute.



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