Campion Bond was an agent of British Military Intelligence (Section 5) and an intermediary between the mysterious agent M and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

It was Campion who first sought out and recruited Mina Murray into the League in May of 1898. Under Bond's direction, Mina then recruited other League members including the science-pirate Captain Nemo and the allegedly deceased explorer Allan Quatermain. Campion then sent the League on a mission to capture two misanthropic personages - the monstrous Edward Hyde and the Invisible Man Hawley Griffin. Although they were first targeted as adversaries by the League, Campion soon brought Hyde and Griffin into their ranks as full members of the League. The first actual mission of the 19th century iteration of the League was to recover samples of a stolen material known as Cavorite, which had been appropriated by the oriental crime lord Fu Manchu. Campion provided the League with their mission parameters as well as a network of contacts for the League to work through.

  • Campion Bond is one of the few characters in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen mythos who does not have an analog in Victorian era or pulp Gothic literature. Although solely created by writer Alan Moore and artist Kevin O'Neill, they intended him to be the direct ancestor of Ian Fleming's famous super-spy James Bond. Due to issues of legality however, no direct correlation between Campion Bond and James Bond is ever provided within the comic books.
  • Campion Bond carries a cigarette case that is inscribed with "007" in Morse code.[1]
  • Possible member of the Order of the Skull and Bones.



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