Candy Gennaro is Sapphire of the Power Company. She fused with a parasitic alien Serpent's Egg that gives her super powers.


Candice "Candy" Jean Gennaro, is a sixteen year old runaway and street thief on the streets of San Diego, California, who stumbles onto the scene of a three-way battle between the Lord Kobra and his green armored forces, and Lady Eve's black armored splinter faction of the Kobra organization. Candy ends up trapped inside a force field thrown up by Kobra to keep out early respondents from the Justice League.

Candy falls into Kobra's Sea Serpent submarine while running across the impromptu dockside battlefield, while crawling through the submarine's ductwork she overhears Lord Naga-Naga himself discussing the properties of the Serpent's Egg in the company of two mutated Serpent Men and several human lackeys. The Serpent's Egg is an alien artifact that fell to Earth centuries ago, it has psycho-interactive properties that would make the perfect armor. Kobra decided to steal the gem when he discovered that it was no longer dormant. Candy steals the Egg and it bonds to her body forming a nearly impenetrable second skin which allows her to battle and escape Kobra's minions and the submarine. Apparently the gem has life-bonded to Candy.[1]

On the run from the forces of Kobra, Candy decides to seek safety in numbers and heads for the headquarters of the Power Company, there she discovers members of the mercenary group known as the Strike Force on the roof planning to assault the company. The Strike Force plans to take Josiah Power hostage and steal transportation out of the city. Candy engages the Strike Force but is knocked unconscious after a short struggle, the mercenaries are later defeated by a transformed Josiah Power. Due to these events Candy joins the Power Company as an Associate, using the code name Sapphire. She remains with the team for a time.


  • Telekinesis: Sapphire has limited, latent telekinesis which she only realized she had once she transformed due to her Serpent's Egg.




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