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Monstress is a Legionnaire from Xanthu.

Candi originally had a privileged life growing up on Xanthu. She was the daughter of a rich industrialist but she was disfigured by a gene bomb from a protester protesting her father's business. After her mutation her father wanted nothing to do with her. The bomb mutated her into a form resembling the Khunds. Originally she was a member of the Uncanny Amazers but left them to join the Legion of Super-Heroes. She was particularly close with her fellow former Amazers Star Boy and Kid Quantum II as well as her Legion comrade Element Lad who once changed her skin color as a prank. Monstress was one of the Legionnaires marooned in the second galaxy. She was murdered by the Progenitor who was an eons old Element Lad who had been driven mad due to an eternity of solitude.


  • Skin was changed to green by a genebomb. Element Lad later made her cycle through several skin colors before she decided to stick with orange.



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