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Candice Pergande is a teenager from Smallville and Jon Kent's girlfriend.

Candice and her father struggled financially so she sold X-Kryptonite based steroids to players on the Smallville Crows to make ends meet. When Jon learned about this, he asked her to sell them to him as he could not face the prospect of spending another season on the bench.[1]

Timmy Ryan was caught using by his mother and the sheriff's department swept the school for drugs. Jon took Candice's supply to protect her, got caught and was expelled.[2]

A month later, Jon convinced Candice to tell his mother and grandfather everything she knew about the X-Kryptonite trafficking operation, as they had learned it was bigger than any of them had realised before. Candice told them who her supplier was and the location where the X-K was processed in exchange for immunity and protection from the drug ring. She was relieved to not have to keep secrets anymore.[3]

About a month after that, Jon's expensive truck was stolen from the school parking lot. Jon suspected her father may have taken it, as he had been very interested in it and how much it was worth when she saw it. He tried to ask Candice about it but she was offended and stormed off. However that night she found a watch that Jon had planned to give to his mother, who was undergoing cancer treatment, and had left in the truck when it was stolen; among her father's belongings. She realised that he had stolen the truck and returned the watch to Jon, then said they should break up, as their relationship had only ever gotten him hurt and she felt like she wasn't good enough for him, as he seemed "perfect". Jon told her that he wasn't and that his ex-girlfriend had kissed him at a party in Metropolis.[4]

A few days later, Jon confronted her father for stealing his truck, but he punched Jon in the face and threatened him and his mother with a gun when she came to the trailer park. That evening, Jon's father came to the diner where Emmitt was eating and Candice was working as a waitress and told him to stay away from his family. Emmitt attacked him, but to everyone's surprise the usually meek Clark effortlessly overpowered him, and warned him that if he ever hurt or threatened his family again or committed another crime in Smallville he would come after him. Emmitt fled Smallville, abandoning Candice. As she had nowhere else to go, the Kents let her move in with them.[5]

Candice lived in the Kent home for three weeks while she tried to find somewhere to stay permanently. She was unable to find a place in Smallville, but eventually made contact with an aunt in Topeka who offered to let Candice live with her. Jon initially planned to drive up on the weekends to visit her, but just before she was due to leave he was offered a chance to train as a volunteer firefighter, which would have taken up all of his free time. Realising how much the opportunity meant to him, Candice asked Jon not to make another sacrifice for her and to take the offer. They attended Smallville High School's Valentine's Dance together and he drove her to her aunt's home the next day. They agreed to continue their relationship long-distance.[6]


  • Athletics: Candice was the captain of Smallville High's cheerleading squad.

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