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Quote1 I was here before you, father, and I will be here long after you are gone. You speak of the mother, as if you know her. You are a fool. Just as the mother gave birth to the child, the mother gave birth to me. You speak of her ancestor's father. Who do you think created me? Quote2
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The Candlemaker is an ancient wish-granting deity destined to turn the world to wax. It was cursed onto Dorothy Spinner as an imaginary friend she was meant to fight, but she refused and forced it to be her ally.


When scientist Niles Caulder and Slava conceived a daughter, Dorothy Spinner, Candlemaker came to life within her mind thanks to the powers of her ancestors, and every time the girl made a wish, Candlemaker did her bidding. His stay inside Dorothy's mind would cause fear to Dorothy's other imaginary friends like Manny, Herschel and Darling Come Home. Prophesied by Dorothy's ancestors, Candlemaker was to fight Dorothy when she grew up.

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Murder in the circus

In 1927, Candlemaker watched Dorothy frightened in the circus, and seeing Manny being roughed up in front of the audience, Dorothy finally made her first wish, ordering Candlemaker to kill the circus performers along with the audience, protecting Manny, and massacring everyone. Following the massacre, Candlemaker terrified Niles, before returning to Dorothy's mind. The death caused by Candlemaker, caused Niles to be forced to hide Dorothy in Danny the Street, a transgender street, so that he would take care of Dorothy, while there was a way to always protect his daughter.[2][3]


Many years later in 2020, Dorothy had been rescued by Niles and his test subjects, who ended up diminutive in size, and taken to Doom Manor, Niles' home. Taking advantage of Dorothy being scared to see a mother rat eating her children, Candlemaker manipulated her to summon him and his imaginary friends until Caulder stopped her, but at night, Candlemaker thought Dorothy was a baby because of her behavior.[4]

Days later, Candlemaker manipulated Dorothy into her bedtime to have fun at the party with the adults to celebrate the return of Danny, whom she thought of as Dorothy's prison caretaker, but she saw as a friend, and decided to join to the party. During the party, Candlemaker manipulated her into killing Danny, though Dorothy regretted it. The next morning, Candlemaker refused to talk to Dorothy because she was still a little girl.[5]

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Massacre in The Underground

While Dorothy befriended Baby Doll, Dorothy's roommate's childlike personality Crazy Jane, Candlemaker continued to manipulate her into playing baby games until Baby Doll murdered Manny, causing Dorothy to make her second wish to avenge Manny. Inside The Underground, the home of all personalities, Candlemaker terrified them, killing Baby Doll and Flaming Katy, leaving the Underground. Frightened by what had happened, Dorothy traveled to the Moon, and Candlemaker showed more fluid speech, since as Dorothy grew older, he gained more power.[6][7]

Facing his fate

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Preparing the fate

Back on Earth, Candlemaker appeared in a vision to Niles in the Yukon, where Niles met Slava, and there, Candlemaker conversed with him about not knowing Slava's ancestors, humiliating him for continuing to exist after his untimely death, terrifying Niles because he was responsible for the possible destruction of the world. Again as a vision, Candlemaker chased Dorothy down the Yukon through the county fair, threatening to accept her fate, since Dorothy was a teenager fully, and prepared for her arrival.[8][3]

Since Dorothy had grown up enough, Candlemaker was able to free herself from her mind without needing to make her third wish, attacking the people at the fair, turning everything to wax. While turning everything to wax, Candlemaker tried to goad Dorothy into fighting, though she refused, realizing that her friends came to save her, showing no fear as they were easy to beat. Became Mademoiselle Roxy, Dr. Cowboy, and Jesus Christ, the imaginary friends of Rita Farr, a woman with elastic powers, Cyborg, a cybernetic vigilante, and Cliff Steele, a robot man, whom he easily turned into wax.[3][9]

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Friends Again

With the entire team defeated, Candlemaker finally confronted Dorothy, who prepared to face him, and they fought in an alternate dimension to fulfill their long-awaited fight. Before an arrow could reach Candlemaker, Dorothy stopped her, transporting both of them to the moon to argue wisely with him. Candlemaker still thought about destiny, Dorothy convinced him by reminding him about how he saved his imaginary friends in the past, and he agreed to be her friend again, resurrecting her friends, leaving her again at the fair. When Daddy, Jane's evil personality, tried to attack Dorothy, Candlemaker asked to free herself to save her, which she denied, showing maturity in not fighting her friend.[9][10]

Friendship with Dorothy

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Saving Dorothy

Months after his departure from the Doom Manor, Dorothy kept Candlemaker and his imaginary friends calm inside her head, angering Candlemaker for being locked up for several weeks while Dorothy told a false story about how she got the ancient Longevity Talisman from Niles with help of Candlemaker from the hands of the collector of mystical objects, Horst Eismann. Candlemaker was eventually summoned by Dorothy to help her face the fictional villain who came to life, Torminox, real name Richard Frank, whom he gave battle to, but sacrificed herself for Dorothy to escape with her friends, Maura Lee Karupt and Casey Brinke, turning into a cube until he was released with Danny. From that moment on, their friendship began to improve.[1]



  • Power Limitation: The Candlemaker is bound to Dorothy, only able to impact the world when she makes a wish or when she becomes a woman (in the form of her first period).



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