Initially The Candlemaker was an egregore, created by unconscious tensions that surround historical crisis moments. In other words, it's the avatar of such possible menaces of the 20th century as World War III and the nuclear bomb. He was removed from the physical plane of existence eons ago. One day he discovers an opportunity to escape into the physical realm in the form of Dorothy Spinner, who has the ability to bring imaginary creatures to life. He squeezed into her subconscious but found itself trapped there. Taking the form of the Candlemaker, it waited for the opportunity to break free of its mental prison.

He finally got his chance when Dorothy, while being bullied by a group of young boys, is contacted by The Candlemaker, who gives her three wishes. Her first wish was for the death of one of the bullies. One of them (Bernard Muller) is later found in a field, disemboweled and crucified. After this incident, Dorothy resolves to keep The Candlemaker locked in her mind. Unfortunately the Candlemaker will appear once again during both the Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E./Telephone Avatar incident (making it the second wish that has the Candlemaker killing Telephone Avatar). Ultimately, Dorothy makes a third and final wish for the resurrection of murdered Doom Patrol teammate Joshua Clay, this last wish gives Candlemaker his freedom into the physical world. He still grants her wish but kills Joshua himself.



  • Candlemaker is also known as Death and King Candle.



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