"Candy Morningstar" was an exotic dancer Lucifer Morningstar met in Las Vegas while on a getaway trip. After her father died, Fletcher's, the club he owned, would go to the loan shark Louie Pagliani unless Candy paid him $300,000. Candy stole Lucifer's ring and some cash from him at the club, prompting Lucifer to track Candy down at her house. Lucifer saw through her con game and got her to open up about her problems, while Lucifer discussed his. Together, they came up with a deal to help each other out. Lucifer would pay off the loan shark if Candy married Lucifer to help fish out what Lucifer's mother, Charlotte Richards, was planning, as well as help him sort out his mess with his partner, Chloe Decker.[2]

While acting as Lucifer's wife, she plays the role of a typical ditz, making everyone she interacts with underestimate her true intentions. However, her marriage to Lucifer upsets Lucifer's partner Chloe Decker, who again started to mistrust Lucifer. Candy successfully finds out Charlotte's plan, and says goodbye to Lucifer as she goes back to Las Vegas.[3]

Candy and her club got in trouble once again when someone tried to murder Candy for the deed to Fletcher's. The murderer only succeeded in killing Candy's roommate, however, they still managed to steal the deed to Fletcher's from the house. Lucifer and Ella Lopez travel to Las Vegas to investigate Candy's apparent death, but Candy finds them and tells Lucifer that him being there will only ruin everything. Lucifer points out that being that they are still technically married, Lucifer would inherit the deed to Fletcher's if Candy was indeed dead. Lucifer manages to flush out the killer, Fletcher's bartender, who goes crazy upon seeing what he believes to be ghostly visions of Candy. Ella stops the bartender with a shot to the leg, and Candy's club is saved once again. Lucifer and Candy part ways once more, as Candy encourages Lucifer to keep chasing Chloe.[2]




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