Quote1.png I'm not promising anything, youngster. I'll take you to Portland, then we'll see -- now get for'rd and help the cook! Quote2.png
Cap'n Erik src

Cap'n Erik was a seal-hunting sea-captain, in the 1930s.

In 1935, Cap'n Erik undertook to sail his ship, the Viking, to Killitook Island, in secret. But a rival captain, Butch Ramsen, found out about it, and sent two of his crew to sabotage Cap'n Erik's ship, which they did. Erik's rival, Ramsen, sailed out of the harbor that next day, and Cap'n Erik vowed to overtake him.

When he was able to get his damaged ship under weigh, Cap'n Erik headed for the sealing grounds off Killitook Island. En route there was trouble with a stowaway, an orphan boy called "Rags," who wanted to join up and hunt seals. And the ship's hull had been damaged by one traitorous crewman, using wood-working tools.

There are no further records of that voyage of the Viking.



  • Cap'n Erik commanded "The Viking," a three-masted sailing ship.



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