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"A Scream Across the Sky": In a flashback, a restrained Spartan is unable to control the power of the Void entity and is mercy killed by Mister Majestic.

Quote1.png My name is Captain Atom. As in A-bomb...as in nuclear fission...as in...the end of the world. Quote2.png
Captain Atom

Captain Atom: Armageddon #1 is an issue of the series Captain Atom: Armageddon (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2005. It was published on October 19, 2005.

Synopsis for "A Scream Across the Sky"

In a flashback, a restrained Spartan is unable to control the power of the Void entity and is mercy killed by Mister Majestic.

In the DC Universe, Captain Atom is flying the Composite Superman/Batman robot to destroy the kryptonite asteroid head-on. Prior to, Atom recalls his origins from being a falsely accused soldier who was used in an experiment that caused him to possess his current powers and appearance. Despite deciding in using his powers as a superhero, he is still overshadowed by more recognizable heroes such as Superman. As Captain Atom is about to approach his target, he wonders about the experiment that gave him his powers and then focusing his attention on his goal; as the robot punches the meteor, Atom solidly states, "Goodbye. And God bless America", destroying the asteroid and apparently himself.

Sometime later, Captain Atom suddenly finds himself appearing in Tokyo in the presence of Batman and Superman. The latter is surprise to see Atom as he supposedly died in his self-sacrifice, and even arrange a hero's funeral. Batman questions Atom as to how he survived when he destroyed the asteroid, in which Atom states that he doesn't know how...

At the moment of the asteroid's destruction, the blast of the explosion bombarded Atom and is sent to the Wildstorm Universe. His body is sent speeding down through Earth's atmosphere to New York City, and crash landing into a apartment building. Before he crashed into the building, an old man was watching him approaching from his window and fondly expecting him.

Upon waking up, the old man is revived by a medic named Nikola Hanssen. Despite promising help from Nikola, the old man however, states that he is dying but is content with it and cryptically says to Nikola that it's "the beginning for you." He grab a box containing the essence of the Void entity (in a brief flashback it's reveal he was associated with the original Void in Antarctica) and immediately passes it to Nikola, allowing her to be the next successor of the Void. Nearby, Captain Atom emerges from the rubble and finds himself in an alter golden/red color appearance. Upon seeing Atom, Nikola flees in fear, leaving Atom very much confused. Atom then notice the old man, who weakly states to Atom that he "got it, too" and that "it's gonna mess you up bad." Atom then notice that there is something wrong and sees someone flying towards him, believing him to be Superman at first. But the person is revealed to be Majestic, who then punches Atom with incredible force.

Meanwhile Cole Cash is drowning his sorrows at a bar after the death of Spartan at the hands of Majestic. The bar's television then shows a news update featuring Majestic in a "metahuman conflict" with Captain Atom. Cole is surprised from seeing the news and then quickly leaves the bar, and heads to the scene of the conflict.

Majestic pummels Captain Atom, mistakenly considering him a threat due to the damage that he inadvertently caused, and sends him down into the street. Having enough of Majestic's assaults, Atom then blasts Majestic and smashes him deep into the ground. Once having defeating Majestic, Atom assures to the surrounding people that "the danger is over". However, the people are quietly afraid of him. Confused, Atom assures them that he is a superhero, in which a police officer replies that "we know." Upon hearing this, Captain Atom soon realizes that he isn't in his world and departs, flying over New York City and landing on the Empire State Building, wondering where he is.

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