"No Exit": Having been teleported to the moon by Shift-Door, Captain Atom is greeted by The Engineer of The Authority. She then takes Atom through a Door to the Carrier. There, Atom is int

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The Engineer

Captain Atom: Armageddon #5 is an issue of the series Captain Atom: Armageddon (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2006. It was published on February 8, 2006.

Synopsis for "No Exit"

Having been teleported to the moon by Shift-Door, Captain Atom is greeted by The Engineer of The Authority. She then takes Atom through a Door to the Carrier. There, Atom is introduced to some members of her team (Apollo and Midnighter are absent in dealing with a nuclear blackmail threat in Madagascar), and explains his situation with the Engineer including his destined threat to the universe. The two are then approached by Jack Hawksmoor, who have an answer in bringing Captain Atom back to his home reality through the Carrier's Doors.

The three travel into different realities, but none of them are Captain Atom's universe. However, Hawksmoor has another idea and have themselves travel to a world where Nazi Germany won World War II. The group found themselves in the presence of Nazi soldiers in which The Engineer and Hawksmoor brutally attacks them, as Captain Atom watches in shock. Atom is then attacked by an electrical-powered Nazi metahuman, and is saved by Hawksmoor who commands a large statue to fall on the villain. After the Engineer kills scores of Nazi soldiers, Jack Hawksmoor teleports somewhere as the Engineer and Captain Atom waits. Hawksmoor soon reappears as he brought along this world's Adolf Hitler for Captain Atom to kill in order for him to "cheer up". However, Captain Atom morally refuse in killing Hitler, sparing him, but Hawksmoor then kills the dictator by snapping his neck. Atom, Hawksmoor and the Engineer then head to their intended destination: a laboratory containing a Shift-Door that the Nazis were researching which further explores more possible alternate worlds. After traveling through many realities, they couldn't find Atom's universe and decide to head back to the Wildstorm Universe.

Meanwhile, Grifter and the WildC.A.T.s have examined Nikola Hanssen and learns she possess a larger power of the Void. They are then discovered by Majestic, who demands what they had done with Captain Atom. The WildC.A.T.s admits that they had fought and tried to kill Atom in which Majestic is relieved to hear this and informs them that killing Atom (who also possess an essence of the Void) would destroy their universe. Grifter is bewildered and skeptical with Majestic's bleak information. But Majestic informs him that he correctly ran the figures a thousand times before; however, Majestic also discover that there is an "infinitesimal discrepancy" in the figures that offers a slight glimmer of hope to preventing the upcoming cataclysm, in which he believes that discrepancy to be Nikola herself.

Back on the Carrier, Captain Atom thanks The Authority for helping him and decides to find a place on Earth to clear his mind. Hawksmoor knows a place where Atom can think by himself. Atom bids goodbye to The Authority as he walks through a Door to a secluded mountaintop. After he left, The Authority decides that they must keep an eye on him and find ways in preventing the destruction of their universe by either curing him or killing him.

On Earth, Atom thinks over his failures to return to his universe, and that going to any alternate universe would doom it. He is again approached by the Engineer who insists that he needs "a friend."

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