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"Sometimes When We Touch...": Both Captain Atom and the Engineer are passionately kissing each other as they float over Paris.

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Captain Atom: Armageddon #6 is an issue of the series Captain Atom: Armageddon (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2006. It was published on March 8, 2006.

Synopsis for "Sometimes When We Touch..."

Both Captain Atom and the Engineer are passionately kissing each other as they float over Paris.

Moments ago, the Engineer sympathized with Atom for letting down his hopes in The Authority's help and being horrified with the way the team casually slaughter their enemies. So she offers him a chance to travel around the world with her.

Meanwhile, Majestic have traveled all the way to the Carrier to speak with Jack Hawksmoor and the Doctor over their concerns on Captain Atom, in which he surprisingly learns from Hawksmoor that he may have a solution.

Back on Earth, Atom and the Engineer travel to a Stalinist nation, and intervene to stop its dictator from starting a nuclear war. Initially, Atom is unsure about getting involved, but is swayed by the Engineer into unleashing his limits given the reason that from both his and this world, keeping the world safe has the same results despite differing "methods".

In New York City, Cole Cash and Jeremy Stone tries to help Nikola Hanssen in concentrating into the Void entity and connect with Captain Atom.

After the Engineer kills the dictator and retrieves his nuclear trigger, she lets Atom into destroying the device and contacts The Authority. While talking with Hawksmoor, he orders the Engineer into executing their plan in helping Captain Atom of removing the Void fragment by using her nanotechnology, in which it seems to have worked. However, in making sure that the crisis is over, the Doctor travels one year into the future in New York and finds the world and the universe to be safely intact. Though everyone is relieved, Majestic is unsure if they really prevent the cataclysm and hopes that what they did is over.

Having apparently ended the cataclysm, both Atom and the Engineer take to the sky and begin to kiss each other, not knowing that Hawksmoor is watching them from the Carrier's monitor with jealousy. After preventing an airliner from crashing and hearing the Engineer bluntly states of whether people are worth saving, Captain Atom decides himself to be alone for a while.

Back in New York, Cash learns from Jeremy that according to the readings from his computer it is informed that early on the Void entity have split into both Nikola and Captain Atom, and that Atom contains more of the Void's power than Nikola. Furthermore, Jeremy gravely explain to Cole that both Nikola and Atom must never come close together, fearing that the eventual cataclysm would still happen. However, Cole then notice that Nikola is gone.

Nikola has traveled to the ruined apartment building where Captain Atom crashed. She laments in acquiring her powers and is then met by Captain Atom, who also came to console himself. He assures her to be not afraid of him as he is not too dissimilar from each other given that he is once a normal human being. As Captain Atom put his hand on Nikola's shoulder for sympathy, Nikola suddenly emanates a strong explosive energy which knocks out Atom, and transforms herself into the Void.

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