"Who Says the World Needs Saving": Captain Atom regains consciousness to see Nikola as the Void, who couldn't control her powers. Atom then tries help her; however, upon touching her again, Nikola cause a tower of energy

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Captain Atom: Armageddon #7 is an issue of the series Captain Atom: Armageddon (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2006.

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Synopsis for "Who Says the World Needs Saving"

Captain Atom regains consciousness to see Nikola as the Void, who couldn't control her powers. Atom then tries help her; however, upon touching her again, Nikola cause a tower of energy in which she sends Atom crashing into a office building. Though battered by her blast, Captain Atom is still determine to stop her even with brute force, but then realize that this violent approach is not the answer that the Wildstorm heroes often uses. Instead, Atom calmly approach Nikola, introducing himself as Nathaniel and promise to her that he will help her, in which Atom succeeds in having Nikola control her powers as they both embrace together without any incident, which is watched by an amazed Cole Cash.

Meanwhile, on the same mountaintop where Captain Atom was before, the Engineer is approached by Jack Hawksmoor, in which they both argue about the Engineer's relationship with Captain Atom. Jack then informs Angie that while running the Carrier's computers, he discovered that her operation on Captain Atom didn't solved the problem and that he still remains a threat. The Engineer quickly suspect that Hawksmoor is lying to her due to pure jealousy, but Hawksmoor isn't and states that the results were conclusive that Captain Atom will destroy their universe. The Engineer decides to talk to him in maybe convincing him to sacrifice himself to save their universe. As Hawksmoor summons a Shift-Door for Angie to New York, he then maliciously informs her that Captain Atom has been "cheating" on her as the Engineer finds Captain Atom comforting an unconscious Nikola. Seeing an upset Engineer, Atom tried to explain to her about Nikola and the reason he left. But the Engineer coldly informs Atom that her and Hawksmoor's plans had failed in removing the Void fragment from him. Shocked to hearing this, Captain Atom is again unsure if this is true and decides to use his quantum powers to send himself one week into the future to prove if the universe remains intact. Upon arriving into the future, Atom finds himself to where he was and that everything remains normal as it was. He then encounters the future Nikola, who is surprise to see him. Atom then ask her of the universe being alright to the end in which Nikola replies that it did, but it is hard for her to explain. Atom then takes her newspaper as proof and travel back to the present before Nikola could have any chance to explain to him any further.

Having arrive back to the present, Atom then shows Nikola's newspaper to the Engineer and explaining that everything turns out fine in the future and that Hawksmoor's calculations are incorrect. The Engineer is confuse of this, given that the Carrier's computers can't be wrong, but Atom tells her that from Majestic's difference engine and to the Defense Department's supercomputer, all have been based on simple machines and numbers, and requested the Engineer to use her human mind to decide what is right. But, the Engineer apologize to Atom and immediately shoots him. She then explains to him that she has been doing what she has to do: saving the universe by killing him. Atom then retaliates, and tries to explains to Engineer that if he die, the universe dies with him. But the Engineer disbelieve him and paralyzed Atom with her artificial tendrils. As the Engineer prepares to kill Captain Atom, Grifter arrives on the scene and armed with a Halo Corporation designed experimental rifle then shoots the Engineer, sending her plummeting to the ground before being caught by a freed Captain Atom.

Atom then approaches Grifter and Nikola, demanding the former as to what he has done to the Engineer. Grifter explain that he only knocked out the Engineer and that he was trying to save Atom; furthermore, he tells that they must leave before the Engineer wakes up. However, Atom decides otherwise and depower the Engineer to Angela Spica. After dealing with her, Atom and Cole focus their attention on Atom's destructive destiny and Nikola, who is still changing back and forth into the Void. Presently, Grifter is concern of The Authority's response to having defeating the Engineer.

On the Carrier, Hawksmoor prepares to have Apollo and Midnighter be sent to battle Captain Atom.


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