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"Lessons in Nuclear Physics": As Captain Atom inspects the depowered Engineer, Grifter is shocked to learn from him that Atom and the Engineer fell in love with each other, given that [[John C

Quote1.png Are you new to this new line of work? Do you have a clever name like "Grifter?" One that sounds hip at first, until you realize it's trying too hard? No? Then I assume you've got some formidable powers. No? Nothing? Too bad. Quote2.png
Midnighter to Nikola Hanssen before kicking her.

Captain Atom: Armageddon #8 is an issue of the series Captain Atom: Armageddon (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2006. It was published on May 10, 2006.

Synopsis for "Lessons in Nuclear Physics"

As Captain Atom inspects the depowered Engineer, Grifter is shocked to learn from him that Atom and the Engineer fell in love with each other, given that Jack Hawksmoor will likely bring his wrath in which Atom already noted. They are then faced by Midnighter and Apollo. After Apollo has taken the Engineer back to the Carrier, he and Midnighter battle Captain Atom and Grifter respectively. As Apollo pummels Atom, who then analyzed Apollo and discovers a way to beat him. He then spit Apollo, provoking him to send both of them to the sun via Shift-Door where Apollo absorbs the sun's solar radiation. However, this is what Captain Atom wanted, as he can also manipulate the sun's radiation and giving Apollo a near fatal overdose.

Back on Earth, Midnighter has Grifter badly beaten. But as he prepares to strike him with his baton, Nikola destroy Midnighter's weapon, though only with a minor amount of her power. 'Impressed' with Nikola, Midnighter then easily kicks her hard in the chest before focusing his attention back on Grifter. However, as Midnighter grabs hold of Grifter's head, Captain Atom returns back to Earth through a Shift-Door and throws an unconscious Apollo into Midnighter.

Meanwhile at Mount Rushmore, Majestic receives information from his difference engine about Captain Atom's and Grifter's fight, and quickly learns that the former is still a threat to the universe. Majestic then travels to the Carrier and confronts Hawksmoor. After learning from Hawksmoor about killing Captain Atom and seeing it to be a grave mistake, Majestic demands him to call off Apollo and Midnighter.

Back on Earth, as Captain Atom helps Nikola, Midnighter regains consciousness and throws his shurikens into Grifter while his back was turn. Though seriously wounded, Grifter is about to shoot back at Midnighter, but his head is then incinerated by Apollo and dies in front of Captain Atom and Nikola.

Hawksmoor refuses to call off his teammates which infuriates Majestic, who continues to demand him to stop from killing Atom or else he will stop their fight himself. However, Majestic is frozen in time by The Doctor. Refusing to hear Majestic's insistence, both The Doctor and Hawksmoor believe that the death of Captain Atom is the only way to save their universe. Hawksmoor then commands Apollo and Midnighter to bring Captain Atom back to the Carrier in order to avoid any potential damage to New York. They do so by pushing Atom through a Shift-Door to the Carrier, leaving Nikola alone with Grifter's body as she changes back into the Void.

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