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The Captain Atom Brigade was a team of Captain Atoms from the multiverse lead by Breach.


Monarch, formerly the New Earth Captain Atom, abducted specific heroes and villains from across the Multiverse to be naturally selected for his elite team during his conquest over the Multiverse. With the imprisoned super beings unable to over power Monarch and hoping to stop the megalomaniac, The Bat of Earth-40 coordinated with his fellow prisoner Breach in escaping through the use of an inter-dimensional harness and travel the Multiverse to recruit alternate versions of Captain Atom.

Breach managed to gather the known alternate Captain Atoms of the Multiverse into the eponymous "Captain Atom Brigade" and arrived at the time of the Supermen's arena battle, where they commenced their attack on Monarch. Unfortunately, Monarch had deliberately planned this to happened as Breach was unwittingly used as a sleeper agent to bring his counterparts to him in order to kill and siphoned off their nuclear powers into his. As a result, Monarch easily and brutally eliminated his counterparts before saving the Captain Atom of Earth-4 and Breach for last.


  • Among the unnamed members of the Brigade includes a Captain Atom in a red/silver variant of the Monarch's costume, an anthropomorphic wolf version, a Doctor Manhattan-lookalike, a Kid Quantum-lookalike, an energy based-Atom who makes calculations during his attacks, two characters who resemble a combination of Captain Atom and Breach, a bear and a giant-sized actual Atom.

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