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The Captain Atom Project was a U.S. military experiment to create a superhuman soldier. It was named for its product: Captain Atom.


The origins of the projects began with the discovery of the alien being called Silver Shield in the Nevada Desert in 1967, and its Dilustel skin was grafted and used to create a metal craft in which a human is sealed within it and then exploding an atomic weapon underneath it.[1] The project began in 1968 in which disgraced USAF Captain Nathaniel Adam was chosen as its test subject and was seemingly disintegrated when the weapon detonated.[2] The project was deemed a failure after another project, the Major Force Project, was repeated almost a year later in 1969 with condemned rapist and murderer Clifford Zmeck being subjected to the same experiment.[3] In reality, however, both Adam and Zmeck were sent forward into time after their bodies became bonded to the Dilustel and gaining the powers to tap into the Quantum Field. The end results led to Adam and Zmeck becoming U.S. government-sanctioned superheroes with the respective code names Captain Atom and Major Force.[2][4]

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