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"Point of Origin": In 1968, Captain Nathaniel Adam of the United States Air Force, a man wrongly condemned for treason, takes part in a military experiment called Captain Atom ProjecProject Captain Atom as an alternative to execution while under the auspice of Wade Eiling and Doctor Heinrich

Quote1.png I don't know where I am or what I'm in or how whatever happens is supposed to happen and I know that was part of the deal when I volunteered to be Dr. Megala's guinea pig. But geez, guys-- 'Project Captain Atom'?? What kind of respectable government project ends up with a code-name like 'Captain Atom?' What the hell. For you to know and me to find out, right? Quote2.png
Nathaniel Adam

Captain Atom (Volume 2) #1 is an issue of the series Captain Atom (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 1987.

Synopsis for "Point of Origin"

In 1968, Captain Nathaniel Adam of the United States Air Force, a man wrongly condemned for treason, takes part in a military experiment called Captain Atom ProjecProject Captain Atom as an alternative to execution while under the auspice of Wade Eiling and Doctor Heinrich Megala. The experiment involved testing the hull of a crashed alien ship's durability by placing a human being (Adam) within the metal craft and then exploding an atomic weapon underneath it. The weapon went off and Adam, along with the metal, was seemingly disintegrated.

Eighteen years later, a strange humanoid being suddenly appears in Winslow Air Force Base, which is built on the previous site of Project Captain Atom. After the being accidentally cause a jet to crash on take-off, the being is immobilized by soldiers and subsequently imprisoned under the watch of General Wade Eiling. Scientists examine the creature and learns that it is internalizing its excess mass to take on a more human appearance. Once the process is done, the creature is completely a man and is revealed to be Nathaniel Adam. Eiling recognizes Nathaniel and orders everyone to leave except for himself and his assistant Captain Martin Allard.

Eiling interrogates Nathaniel as to what he remembers. Nathaniel only remembers the moment of the test which jogs back his faculties. Eiling then callously informs him that everyone he knew, including his wife Angela, are dead. This provokes an emotional-stressed out Nathaniel to break out of his bonds, but giving Eiling ample opportunity to order Allard to anesthetize Nathaniel with nerve gas. Eiling falsely declares that Nathaniel tried to attack him and deems him an extraterrestrial threat.

Eiling later meets with the wheelchair-bound Dr. Megala to discuss about Nathaniel Adam as to how he was able to return while reminiscing the failure of Project Captain Atom that led to its cover-up. Dr. Megala shares his theories that the test in 1968 may have sent Nathaniel through the realm of space-time to the present day due to the alien metal absorbing the amount of excessive thermonuclear energy which now bonds to Nathaniel. Furthermore, the 'molting' phases that Nathaniel underwent suggest that he is mastering a sort of symbiotic control over his hybrid atomic structure; meaning that if he can learn to control his new-found powers, the possibilities are endless. Dr. Megala suggests to Eiling to consider Nathaniel's potential, in which Eiling decides that he has more reasons to get rid of Nathaniel along with Megala. However, Megala learns of Eiling's betrayal and survives the attempt on his life with the help of his bodyguard/assistant Babylon.

Nathaniel is sent on a rocket to be disposed of into deep space. Fortunately, Nathaniel wakes up from his sedation and breaks free. He quickly adjusts to his quantum powers in which he is able to fly and travels to the address of his home to be reunited with his family. But he finds his house already occupied by another family. Nathaniel is found by Dr. Megala and Babylon, whom they deduced where they would find him after learning the reports of his absence. They explain to the time-displaced Nathaniel of his current predicament and offers to help him to learn his new abilities and the fate of his family. Nathaniel takes refuge in Dr. Megala's retreat where he learns more about the metal that bonds to him and his connection to the Quantum Field, and training his new body. But unknown to Nathaniel and his allies, they are being secretly observed by Eiling, who eventually realizes that eliminating Nathaniel is not an option anymore and see to another remaining alternative.

Eiling and his men soon storm the retreat but Nathaniel stands ready with his powers that he has finally mastered. Eiling defuses the situation from getting any more violent by informing Nathaniel the true fate of his wife that Dr. Megala was unwilling to tell him. He directs Nathaniel to a cemetery where Angela lies buried under the name "Angela Eiling." Eiling explains that three years since Nathaniel's disappearance in 1968, Angela had grieved for her husband's apparent death until she remarried to Eiling for eleven years until dying in her sleep from a heart attack.

A deeply distraught Nathaniel swears to Eiling that he will kill him. But Eiling states otherwise that he won't. Eiling had raised Nathaniel's children as his own and gave them a happy life that Nathaniel would have agree. Eiling continues to state that Nathaniel is still technically a soldier of the United States despite still being branded a traitor as the current American administration is under no obligation made to Nathaniel of his pardon. However, the current President is willing to grant the pardon if Nathaniel agrees to use his powers in the service of his country as a government-sanctioned superhero dubbed "Captain Atom" while working as a deep cover operative. Although Nathaniel is skeptical, Eiling also states that he can have adequate time to investigate his innocence when the government doesn't require his service.

Seven days later, Eiling meets with the President to discuss about Nathaniel as the newest super weapon at their disposal and the next plan for "Phase Two."

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