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""Prey for the Dead"": Followers of the "Faceless One" murders Martin Lockleed, carrying out what their master had failed one year ago.

Quote1.png You are no match for a ghost, Captain! A Ghost who has returned from the dead! Quote2.png
The Ghost

Captain Atom (Volume 2) #23 is an issue of the series Captain Atom (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1988.

Synopsis for "Prey for the Dead"

Followers of the "Faceless One" murders Martin Lockleed, carrying out what their master had failed one year ago.

After news of Lockleed's death becomes public, Dr. Megala visit Damon Clinic to inform the sad news to Lockleed's mentally ill son Homer. Also, Megala states that Homer now inherits Lockleed Aircraft according to his father's will, but he is mentally unfit to take responsibility of the company. Instead, per according to Lockleed's will, Megala is appointed as acting executive officer of the Lockleed Corporation and is empowered to function in this capacity for an interim period until Homer is mentally competent again.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel is very surprise to learn from Peggy that she and Jeff Goslin are engaged. Nathaniel understandably take some time to accept his daughter's engagement with his friend who is twice her age. Peggy's stepfather, Wade Eiling, takes his feeling out on this news by practicing judo with Martin Allard.

Dr. Megala gains possession of the Stealthray, a device capable of mass teleportation created by Alec Rois, and invites Nathaniel to run some tests on the device. After Nathaniel discharge quantum energy at the Stealthray, the device appears to open a temporary "window" to the Quantum Field. Suddenly, a image of Alec Rois appears in the "window". It is reveal that Rois did not die but converted into atoms and is trapped by a stasis field somewhere inside the Quantum Field. Rois' cult followers break into Megala's laboratory and demand the doctor to bring back their leader while holding Babylon hostage. Megala reluctantly obeys to their demands and summons Captain Atom, whose powers would be sufficient to bring back Rois.

After Captain Atom (who is unaware of Megala's situation) is summon to the lab, he discharge a large quantum blast at the Stealthray, which successfully brings back The Ghost. This time, the Quantum Field has changed Rois as it turned his entire body into pure quantum-based energy. A battle ensues between The Ghost and Captain Atom. Dr. Megala takes advantage of the battle to rescue Babylon. Rois seems evenly match against Nathaniel as he absorbs the latter's quantum blasts. However, Captain Atom discharge more quantum energy to Rois and causing a large eruption before he quickly evacuate Megala and Babylon from the destroyed lab. Though everyone is safe, The Ghost now remains at large.

Appearing in "Prey for the Dead"

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Other Characters:

  • Martin Lockleed (Dies)
  • Nightshade (Flashback only)


  • Damon Clinic



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