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"Captain Atom: Exposed!": General Eiling learns from the President that newly promoted Major Cameron Scott is transfer to work under General John Hillary. Eiling is not happy of losing his asset.

Captain Atom (Volume 2) #26 is an issue of the series Captain Atom (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 1989.

Synopsis for "Captain Atom: Exposed!"

General Eiling learns from the President that newly promoted Major Cameron Scott is transfer to work under General John Hillary. Eiling is not happy of losing his asset.

Meanwhile, Mister Miracle and Blue Beetle recruit Booster Gold to their investigation on Captain Atom. They are deeply suspicious of their teammate's true agenda given that his official background story contradicts what they have discover for the past few years: Miracle's discovery of Captain Atom's alien physiology and the loaded story of a supposed team-up between the original Blue Beetle and Captain Atom.

Nathaniel is in Washington to meet General Hillary. Unknown to him, he is being shadowed by his fellow Leaguers. After meeting with Hillary, Nathaniel is given an assignment to investigate the death of Hu Trang, a retired General of the North Vietnamese Army. His manner of death was being eviscerated by a very sharp sword. Their lead is a list found near Trang's body and on it are eight names along with Trang's name: Lemar (the U.S. General whom Nathaniel was framed for his murder), Martin Lockleed, Lester Bryant, Alec Rois, and The Cambodian. All of whom that Captain Atom has encountered.

While Nathaniel grasp the implications, Hillary continues that security cameras managed to photograph a black sedan leaving Trang's premise. Furthermore computer-enhancement showed that the car had diplomatic plates - registered to the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington. After being given of his assignment, Nathaniel ponders on the list that provides a link to the murders of Lemar and Trang.

Nathaniel stake out at the Vietnamese Embassy. After several hours, he spots Ambassador Haam and a rather stout man. The latter eventually leaves the embassy on the same car that was photographed on Trang's estate. Nathaniel follows the man to an abandoned rock quarry. The man grabs a case from the car and then suddenly jumps into the quarry. Nathaniel rush over to the quarry's edge where the man jumped from. But suddenly, the man unlocks the case and pulls out a sword - a X-Ionized sword - and using it to collapse the edge Nathaniel was standing on and causing him to tumble into the quarry. Nathaniel then slowly recognize the man to be The Cambodian, the warlord he encountered in Cambodia. The Cambodian tells Nathaniel that he was aware of his spying after Ambassador Haam had his people monitoring him outside of the embassy. Even more surprising, the Cambodian knows Nathaniel through appearance alone.

Before Cambodian plans to kill Nathaniel for a second time, Mister Miracle arrives on the scene. The superhero incapacitate the swordsman with a jolt of electricity. But Nathaniel stops Mister Miracle from apprehending Cambodian as releasing him will lead him close to clearing his name. Miracle goes along with Nathaniel's plan, but on the condition that he reveals everything. Nathaniel and Miracle leaves the quarry and the unconscious Cambodian, and rendezvous with Beetle and Booster.

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