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"Final Conflict": Captain Atom gives his thanks to the JLI for their help, but decides to finally close his 20-year long investigation by himself.

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The Ghost

Captain Atom (Volume 2) #28 is an issue of the series Captain Atom (Volume 2) with a cover date of April, 1989.

Synopsis for "Final Conflict"

Captain Atom gives his thanks to the JLI for their help, but decides to finally close his 20-year long investigation by himself.

Some time later, Nathaniel is confronted at gunpoint by Goslin, who demands Nathaniel to transform into Captain Atom. Goslin knows Nathaniel's secret and that his gun is not loaded. Nathaniel apologizes Goslin for not telling him, and also reveals the progress of his investigation.

Nathaniel and Goslin visit the Pentagon with special clearance from General Hillary (who wants a full explanation from Nathaniel after he finish his investigation) and uses the Cambodian's hit list to find anyone inside the Pentagon's files. They find out that the men involved were charter members of a private officer's club called "Green Elite". Among its members, Alec Rois is revealed to have been a CIA operative working in Vietnam and using mind control techniques to recruit The Cambodian to do his dirty works. Goslin recognizes Cambodian's face as he was present in the Hill 409 massacre. This confirms Nathaniel's suspicions that the Green Elite are the ringleaders of the drug ring and the Hill 409 massacre was an attempt to cover up the crashed recon plane that was illegally carrying heroin.

Meanwhile, The Cambodian is at Lockleed Aircraft burning all files pertaining to Alec Rois and the Nathaniel Adam case under the command of The Ghost. While burning away the files, Cambodian reminisces on how Nathaniel was framed for General Lemar's murder. In reality, Nathaniel was discreetly drugged during his argument with the General. After Nathaniel passed out, the Cambodian entered the room and took Nathaniel's combat knife to kill Lemar, who was deemed a unwanted liability to the Green Elite due to his blind greed.

At the same time, The Ghost has Bolt finish where he left off with General Eiling.

With his life in danger again, Eiling approaches Nathaniel and Goslin for help. The three arrange a deception for Bolt: Nathaniel disguises himself as Eiling and allowing Bolt to believe he had killed Eiling. But unknown to Bolt, Goslin fired a miniature tracking device on the hitman. The men track Bolt to a deserted airstrip.

Bolt is waiting for The Ghost to receive his final payment. As Ghost's personal plane arrive, what Bolt finds in the cockpit is a bomb - The Ghost deemed his assassin a loose end to the conspiracy. Bolt is apparently killed in the explosion. Just as Ghost and Cambodian gloat on their success, Captain Atom, Eiling, and Goslin arrive on the scene. Bolt turns out to have survive thanks to his teleportation. A fierce three-way melee breaks out.

Bolt and Cambodian are beaten, but the former teleports away. But Ghost, however, is too powerful and overpowers Nathaniel. The Ghost gloats to Nathaniel on revealing the real culprit who was behind his frame-up. He reveals that he has been concealing a hidden passenger he had cloaked within the Quantum Field ever since his "untimely" death by Bolt days ago: Henry Yarrow.

Yarrow admits to a stunned Nathaniel to have always been a member of the Green Elite and purposely framed him to ensure the drug ring's secrecy. The corrupt detective picks up the Cambodian's X-Ionized-edge sword and is instruct by Ghost that a fatal pierce to Nathaniel's heart will end him. But Nathaniel is saved by Eiling, who shoots Yarrow in the head. The Ghost is then forced to retreat into the Quantum Field. With the threat seemingly over, Nathaniel gives his thanks to Eiling and is greatly relieved that his nightmare is over as Eiling is convinced to publicly exonerate Nathaniel's innocence.

That night, Ghost teleports to the Pentagon where he meets the true mastermind behind the Green Elite: General Eiling. He and The Ghost had been working together to clean up loose ends the entire time. Yarrow was only a pawn to fool Nathaniel, whom Eiling purposely obtained his trust for supposedly saving the hero's life.

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