"The Anatomy of a Super Villain": Since his capture by Alec Rois, Martin Allard had been continuously tortured in order to be brainwashed to serve The Ghost's elaborate plan. Today, The Ghost has succeeded in breaking Allard and allowing him to escape. After Allard recuperated for a week, the U.

Captain Atom (Volume 2) #45 is an issue of the series Captain Atom (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1990.

Appearing in "The Anatomy of a Super Villain"

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Other Characters:

  • Elaine Allard (In dream sequence only)
  • Homer Lockleed (Dies)




Synopsis for "The Anatomy of a Super Villain"

Since his capture by Alec Rois, Martin Allard had been continuously tortured in order to be brainwashed to serve The Ghost's elaborate plan. Today, The Ghost has succeeded in breaking Allard and allowing him to escape. After Allard recuperated for a week, the U.S. military's best de-programmers were brought in and were shortly convinced that Allard was kidnapped merely for information and that he revealed nothing. When Allard is asked about the other hostage Babylon, he offers little useful information. Allard is then deemed as a "good risk" and sent to an Air Force psychiatrist twice a month before returning to Project Atom.

With a new lease in life, Allard soon propose and marry Theresa Delgado with General Eiling as his best man. However, Allard is not content with only having a family; he want to kill the murderer of his mother, Major Force. But he is prevented from activating the bomb installed in Zmeck's head when Eiling catches him in the act. Eiling reminds Allard of their promise that only when Major has lost his value that Allard is given the order to kill him, but until then it is hands off. Allard is not please with the arrangement, but he has no desire to argue with Eiling.

Allard breaks into classified Pentagon files, studying on Dr. Megala, Captain Atom, and even Eiling. When he reads on Zmeck's files, he is left shock to discover that his mother, Elaine Allard, was blackmailing Martin's biological father. As a result, the father paid Zmeck to kill her. Zmeck has since refused to name his contractor. Due to his brainwashing and combined by the stress of his discovery, Allard is lead to believing Eiling is his true father and one of his mother's murderers.

Knowing how dangerous both Major Force and General Eiling were, Allard seeks a third party for help. He momentarily ponders going to Captain Atom, but his conditioning leads him to seek out The Ghost. The Ghost convinces Allard to kill Major Force with his own hands rather than using the kill-switch. With The Ghost's promise to give him the power to do so, Allard agrees to undergo a similar experiment that gave Captain Atom his powers. In order to replicate the experiment, they need the X-Ionizer that will produce X-Ionized metals to serve as Allard's metallic cocoon (they initially considered seeking the alien Silver Shield and gutting its metal, but still feared there would not be enough), while The Ghost uses his quantum powers to simulate an atomic bomb and to send Allard through the Quantum Field.

Allard steals the X-Ionizer from Project Atom, but is discover in the act by Homer Lockleed. While Allard regard Homer to be "a harmless nut," he fatally shoots him to prevent him from warning anyone and runs off with the X-Ionizer.

Weeks pass following Homer's funeral and Allard being assigned by Eiling to investigate the X-Ionizer's theft, The Ghost has finished completing the Dilustel chamber and is ready to proceed with turning Allard into his own personal Captain Atom. Before undergoing the experiment, Allard request The Ghost to give his letter to Theresa if he doesn't survive the process. After Allard enters the chamber, The Ghost bombards the chamber with his Quantum powers and turning Allard into "Ironfire".

Allard arranges for General Eiling and Major Force along with Captain Atom in tow to arrive at a secluded, outdoors location under the ploy of revealing Homer's killer. Just as they arrive at the meeting point, Allard burst out from the ground and attacks. Major Force and Allard exchanges blows as Captain Atom tries to stop the fight until both Captain Atom and Major Force are suddenly teleported away. Alone with Eiling, Allard confronts him and addressing him as his father, claiming him for killing his mother. But Eiling tells Allard that he is not his father and is not responsible for Elaine's death. Now knowing that his aide has been duped, Eiling reveals the truth: Allard's real father is Martin Lockleed, who did not want his legitimate family to know about his affairs with Elaine, so he hired Zmeck to kill her. Martin is two years late to have his revenge as Lockleed was killed by The Ghost.

Allard is left devastated: he murdered his only brother in cold blood; and his transformation into Ironfire has left him unable to touch or hold his child or wife, as he would crush or burn them. With enough of his brainwashing dissipating enough to allow Allard to believe this truth, an emotionally distressed Ironfire flies away.


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