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"My Redemption": The Ghost, after plotting for months, is ready to put his plans into action against General Eiling and Captain Atom.

Quote1.png My fellow Americans. My name is Heinrich Megala and I have but one thing to say...Wade Eiling--wears combat boots. Thank you for your kind attention. Quote2.png
Heinrich Megala

Captain Atom (Volume 2) #50 is an issue of the series Captain Atom (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 1991.

Synopsis for "My Redemption"

The Ghost, after plotting for months, is ready to put his plans into action against General Eiling and Captain Atom.

Meanwhile, Project Atom hold a meeting discussing about Ironfire. Eiling is not having any luck in finding Martin Allard but he knows that Allard's abduction by Kobra and transformation is all part of a larger plan to destroy Project Atom from within. Nathaniel draws the conclusion that their enemy is not Kobra, who never consider Project Atom his primary target, and is in reality The Ghost. He reason that Alec Rois has a grudge against those involve in Project Atom, possessing quantum powers capable of transforming Allard, and having a huge cult of mindless followers. The meeting abruptly ends after Doctor Megala express his frustration over their inability to find Babylon.

Eiling and Nate later attends Randy and Theresa's wedding. Nate is surprised to be reunite with Jeff Goslin, who introduce his fiancee Maia Jenkins and claiming that he had moved on his love life with Peggy. Unknown to everyone The Ghost has a brainwashed Goslin to eliminate Nate while in his vulnerable human form while also sending Babylon to kill Megala. But unexpectedly Goslin breaks free from his reprogramming and turning his hidden pistol on his "fiancee", who is a cultist, but is left mortally wounded. Before Goslin loses consciousness, he warns Nate about Megala's life in danger. Babylon surprises Megala and strangles him, claiming that his caretaker is responsible for killing his father. But at the last minute Babylon comes to his senses and breaks down in front of Megala and Sally Stone, who was posing as a cultist just as she was about to incapacitate Babylon. Goslin and Babylon are brought to the Damon Clinic. Sally Stone explains to Nate that she had infiltrated the cult when she was present with Goslin when they abducted him and did everything she could in feigning Goslin's reprogramming while being assigned as his "brainwasher".

Meanwhile, Eiling confronts The Ghost over his actions and demanding why he is going against him when they are supposed to be allies. The Ghost explains that he wants to surpass his "teacher" and have no interests in working together with Eiling in leading Earth following the Invasion when he has seen the other side of death and survived. Eiling is left unimpressed by his former colleague and goad him to kill him when he has the chance. But Rois doesn't and silently retreat before telling Eiling that he will be waiting for him and his forces.

Nate recruits the Justice League to protect his family, loved ones and affiliates from possible attacks from The Ghost and placed on standby should Nate and Eiling's group fail in their mission. He also recruits a pardoned Plastique to participate in the battle against The Ghost. As Eiling is responsible for providing The Ghost's resources and a subterranean base, he lead a seven-manned band consisting himself, Nate, Plastique, Randy, and Charles Hendel to The Ghost's headquarters. The group find themselves vastly outnumbered by The Ghost's cult and his superpowered agents Ironfire and Cambodian. As The Ghost boast how his enemies are completely unprepared, Captain Atom turns the table by unleashing Red Tornado, who was discretely brought along, and the wind elemental unleashes gale force winds to incapacitate the surprised cultists. During the battle, Hendel reveals his true alliance with The Ghost and dons in Doctor Spectro's costume and gear.

Captain Atom personally fights The Ghost but finds out his powers and along with The Ghost's are cancelling each other out (hence why The Ghost created Ironfire to specifically eliminate Nate and Major Force). Just as Rois is about to have Ironfire to finish off Nate together, Dr. Megala activates a device that severs The Ghost and Ironfire's connection to the Quantum Field and leaving them near powerless. The Ghost quickly uses his remaining powers to transport himself and Ironfire to the source of their disturbance. Nate and Eiling follows after them through the portal. Meanwhile, Plastique, Randy, and Red Tornado manage to defeat Hendel, Cambodian, and the cultists.

Rois confronts Megala and demanding what he has done to him. Megala explains to him that since The Ghost is technically dead and is kept alive through his connection to the Quantum Field, he will make his death permanent by destroying his connection. Megala does so and causing The Ghost to fade away in front of Nate. Ironfire is also affected by the severance and is left frozen in his bulky X-ionized metal skin. But Megala is left badly wounded and subsequently dies despite of Eiling's efforts to resuscitate him. Eiling now realizes that with Megala dead, the Megala-X satellite is preparing to transmit a worldwide broadcast that will expose the lies of the Captain Atom Project and there is nothing to stop it within the next 23 hours.

Eiling hastily organize a planned televised script in which Nate will decry the broadcast as an attempt by his enemies to ruin Captain Atom's reputation. But to the surprise of everyone, the broadcast only shows a recording of Megala saying: "My fellow Americans. My name is Heinrich Megala and I have but one thing to say...Wade Eiling--wears combat boots. Thank you for your kind attention." Megala's contingency plan was a mere bluff. Nate has the opportunity to walk free and clear. However, Nate confess the truth to his audience, revealing his role as a government agent posing as a superhero and taking full responsibility for the deception. After finishing his confession, Nate is not worried about the repercussions and felt good for coming clean in which his children are proud of what he did.

Despite of the Project being exposed, Eiling has made contingencies to replace the Project; he has Hendel to make a deal to work for him, Dr. Sarrok has the means to defrost Ironfire and therefore using him to replace Major Force, and "Project Ashana" is ready for activation.

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