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Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew originally appeared as a preview back-up feature in the pages of New Teen Titans (Volume 1) #16. In March of 1982 the Zoo Crew returned in their own ongoing comic book series, which lasted until November of 1983 spanning a total of twenty issues. Captain Carrot and his friends appeared last in the pages of Teen Titans (Volume 3).




  • As the comic went along, they changed the name of the primary hero's (Captain Carrot) alter-ego from "Roger Rabbit" to "Rodney Rabbit". They first started referring to him as "Roger Rodney Rabbit" in issue #9, then he asked everyone to call him "Rodney" in issue #10. It can be assumed that this was to prevent confusion with other "Roger Rabbit" characters.
  • The character of Pig-Iron has the alter-ego of Peter Porkchops, who was an old comic character from the '40s and '50s, whose nemesis, A. Wolf, also makes an appearance as an unwilling villain called the "Wuz-Wolf" (a wolf who unknowingly turns into a human) in issues 9 and 10.