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"The Macabre Menace of the Mammal Called -- Armordillo!": This issue picks up exactly where #1 left off. Superman bids farewell to his new friends and returns to Earth-1.

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #2 is an issue of the series Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1982.

Synopsis for "The Macabre Menace of the Mammal Called -- Armordillo!"

This issue picks up exactly where #1 left off. Superman bids farewell to his new friends and returns to Earth-1.

The Zoo Crew, being a new team, quickly begins to fall apart. Pig Iron, having low self-esteem, just wants to be left alone, and Rova Barkitt (Yankee Poodle) along with Byrd Rentals (Rubberduck) want to return to their respective careers. Fastback, having nothing else to do with his time decides to stay with the Captain and Alley-Cat Abra (who is very obviously love-struck for the Captain). Alley-Cat Abra and Yankee Poodle begin fighting like, well, cats and dogs. The Captain is distraught that the team is falling apart so quickly.

Pig Iron, not being used to his new, much larger and much stonger metal body, accidentally causes a traffic accident by walking in front of a car, which then crashes into him and is demolished without him so much as flinching. He is still intent on being left alone, but as the driver of the demolished vehicle seems determined to attack him, Pig Iron tries to gently push him away but accidentally sends him flying. A police officer then tries to stop Pig Iron from leaving the scene of the accident and since Pig Iron also seems to have an anger management problem, chaos ensues. The Captain and the others temporarily set aside their differences and stop Pig Iron from hurting anyone else by accident.

During the scuffle, Pig Iron suddenly finds himself pulled upward by a large electro-magnet into a sky ship disguised as a cloud. It is here that he is introduced to A.C.R.O.S.T.I.C. (A Corporation Recently Organized To Instigate Crimes) who makes him a very large monetary offer to turn evil. Pig Iron, while having anger management problems, has no desire to be evil and simply wants to be left alone. He informs A.C.R.O.S.T.I.C.'s leader, the evil Brother Hood (who enjoys making shadow figures on the wall while planning his organization's crimes), that if he were going to be joining any team that he would join Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew. Brother Hood expresses his disappointment, then introduces Pig Iron to his own hired muscle, the evil Armordillo...who, while being very polite, dwarfs even Pig Iron himself in both size and strength. A battle between the two titans ensues and Pig Iron suddenly finds himself outmatched.

Meanwhile, the Zoo Crew has figured out what has happened and spotted the badly disguised sky ship. Captain Carrot then immediately hops to the ship and intervenes in the battle just as Armordillo is about to deliver a possibly fatal blow to Pig Iron. Pig Iron, seeing the Captain's willingness to place himself in danger to protect his friends, then rejoins the battle and flattens Armordillo with one massive punch. Near the end of the battle, the rest of the Crew arrives and Fastback attempts to apprehend Brother Hood, but finds that Brother Hood was only a hologram and the real Brother Hood has escaped.

Pig Iron then apologizes to the entire team and pledges to help the team and make amends for any damage he had caused during their earlier scuffle.

While the team still has personality issues to work out, they are realizing that their true strength lies in teamwork.

Unknown to the Crew, Brother Hood and Armordillo swear revenge and promise to return to destroy the Captain and the entire Zoo Crew.

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