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"His Name is... Mudd!": After defeating Brother Hood and A.C.R.O.S.T.I.C., the Zoo Crew begins to find fame when Roger informs them that they made the front cover of the Los Antelopes Courier-Pideon. The details of the defeat of Frogzilla, Konga

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #4 is an issue of the series Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1982. It was published on March 25, 1982.

Synopsis for "His Name is... Mudd!"

After defeating Brother Hood and A.C.R.O.S.T.I.C., the Zoo Crew begins to find fame when Roger informs them that they made the front cover of the Los Antelopes Courier-Pideon. The details of the defeat of Frogzilla, Kongaroo, and Jailhouse-Roc are laid out and it was revealed that Brother Hood was none other than the brother of US President Mallard Fillmore, who had used his connection to his brother to install spy cameras directly in the White House and the Oval Office itself.

The Crew finds themselves high on life and wanting to celebrate. Roger decides that it's probably best to move the team's base of operations from Gnu York (a.k.a. New Yak) out to Califurnia and decides to take the team shopping for an appropriate building. Yankee Poodle and Rubberduck inform Roger that the two of them have other obligations. Rubberduck (as his movie star alter-ego, Byrd Rentals) has a movie to film and Yankee Poodle (as Follywood gossip columnist...er, 'celebrity interviewer'...Rova Barkitt) must accompany Byrd to obtain her exclusive interview with him. Upon hearing that the movie is being shot on location in the Okey-Dokey Swamp, Fastback informs them that this is where he grew up and that he will accompany them to visit his family. This is a source of tension between the two Follywood-ites, as the two of them are very turned off by Fastback's laid back country attitudes. Fastback remains blissfully ignorant of their feelings about him and the three set off together.

Roger, thinking that his smaller persona doesn't command respect from the team, chomps on a "cosmic carrot" and returns as Captain Carrot. He finds that even in his superhero persona, the rest of the team is still intent on doing their own things. Because of this, he begins to seriously question his leadership abilities. However, Alley-Cat (becoming more love-struck over the Captain each day) informs him that she respects him both as Roger and as the Captain. Pig Iron, after initially stating that he wants to meet movie stars and setting off on his own, reconsiders and returns to go headquarters-shopping with Alley-Cat and the Captain. This serves to cheer the Captain up and the three set off for some food (soy burgers, of course) from MacDarnolds or Burger Thing, then to look for some land in the San Furnando Valley or Follywood Hills.

On location in the Okey-Dokey swamp, the beautiful movie star Fara Foxette expresses her displeasure with the overdone makeup on the swamp monster in the movie. To satisfy her, the director has his gofer (a gopher, of course) remove the makeup and dump the leftovers into the swamp. At this point, Rova and Byrd arrive and Byrd expresses his displeasure at filming in a low-budget movie while his next blockbuster, "Crashing Boars", is waiting on him to start filming. The director is unimpressed and they all get to work filming, unaware that the chemicals from the discarded makeup has bonded with an alligator skeleton in the dark recesses of the swamp.

Meanwhile, Timmy Joe Terrapin (a.k.a. Fastback) arrives back at his home and finds that his Ma has remarried to Don Coyote. Fastback is a little surprised, but happy for his mother. He informs his family that he is the superhero Fastback, but not having access to television or newspapers, they are all unfased by his revealing of this. The talk turns to local stories and fastback is reminded of his distant uncle Alfred E. Newgator, who disappeared in the swamp fifty years before while looking for buried treasure.

Back in Califurnia, Roger is using his super powers to quickly finish up the latest issue of JLA (Justa Lotta Animals) for his publisher. He then sets off with Alley-Cat and Pig Iron to continue looking for a new headquarters. They find nothing of interest, though and decide to continue looking elsewhere.

Back in the swamp, shooting of the movie is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a real monster, the product of the chemicals from the discarded makeup bonding with the skeleton of Alfred E. Newgator. The monster spots Fara Foxette and is immediate struck by her beauty. A brief battle between Yankee Poodle, Rubberduck, Fastback and the monster ensue. The three heroes discover that due to the monster being made of mud, they can't stop it without injuring Fara Foxette. Fastback then dashes back to Califurnia and retrieves the rest of the Zoo Crew.

Alley-Cat uses her magical teleportation abilities to quickly return to the swamp with everyone. Another battle ensues, during which the team again fails to use teamwork, but realizes their mistake quickly, regroups, and is able to overcome the monster. The monster, Mudd, was not necessarily evil, but simply a misguided product of a chemical mistake driven by base desires. The Captain guides the team to victory by luring the monster to the middle of the swamp, then having Alley-Cat "pull the plug" on the swamp and suck the monster down a magical drain.

Once again, the team realizes that their biggest strength is in their ability to work as a team.

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