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""Frog Day Afternoon"": Fastback is seeking the other members of the Zoo Crew to stop Frogzilla, who has eaten Pig-Iron, and heads for the Chimpire State Building where Rodney Rabbit is. He finds Rodney in the middle of his pitch for a comic series. Both Fastback and Rodney feigns ignorance in f

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Captain Carrot

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #2 is an issue of the series Captain Carrot and the Final Ark (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2008.

Synopsis for "Frog Day Afternoon"

Fastback is seeking the other members of the Zoo Crew to stop Frogzilla, who has eaten Pig-Iron, and heads for the Chimpire State Building where Rodney Rabbit is. He finds Rodney in the middle of his pitch for a comic series. Both Fastback and Rodney feigns ignorance in front of Rodney's fellow writers while Rodney learns of Frogzilla and leave to gather the Crew.

Meanwhile at the marine embassy off the coast of Gnu York, Secretary of State Red Herring brought Vicuna Pacos to the ambassador representing the sea animals, who is obscured in the shadows. Pacos then proceed with the ambassador in the negotiations.

The Zoo Crew gather at the Statue of Ribbity where Rodney tells his team of Frogzilla being the threat that the Salamandroid had been boasting about. He and the Crew attack Frogzilla on Dovernor's Island. However, the team's random attacks are ineffective on him and having Captain Carrot to lay out a coordinated attack by having Rubber Duck wrapping around Frogzilla and launching a single attack on the frog monster.

Inside Frogzilla's stomach, a corroded Pig-Iron wakes up after falling unconscious to the smell of the stomach and hears his team outside. Deciding not to sit around to be rescue, Pig-Iron starts pummeling Frogzilla's guts. On the outside, Frogzilla suffers from Pig-Iron's beatings (despite the Zoo Crew believing their attack is working) and collapse to the ground. Captain Rodney then orders Rubber Duck to tie down Frogzilla, much to Rubber Duck's reluctance. Just then Pig-Iron cries out to his team, alerting them of his predicament. Frogzilla then sees the Statue of Ribbity and instantly falls in love of it in mistaking it for a real frog monster like him, causing him to break loose of Rubber Duck's bondage.

Frogzilla literally takes the Statue of Ribbity on a date in the middle of Gnu York City before Salamandroid appears on a nearby JumboShrimpotron and chaste him for not following the intended plan in destroying Gnu York and ordering him to get back to it. The Zoo Crew catch up to Frogzilla and battles him again while carefully from harming any civilians in the crossfire. But as Frogzilla is about to step on a mother and her children, three oddly, giant green flies appear out of nowhere and lure a hungry Frogzilla away to a wiener stand. Frogzilla grabs the stand along with the flies and eat it whole. American Eagle is alarm about this as he explains that it is common knowledge that eating food from Gnu York's street vendors is unhealthy. As on cue Frogzilla suddenly becomes sick and vomits out Pig-Iron who flies out and crashes into a building. Much to the Zoo Crew's surprise, Alley-Kat Abra suddenly emerges from the building where Pig-Iron crashed into. Alley-Kat defeats Frogzilla by magically reverting him back into Fennimore Frog.

Pig-Iron regroups with the Crew and hears out from Alley-Kat who reveals them that the Alley-Kat that they knew who wronged them wasn't her. She explains that she was imprisoned in the Nether World (that was housed in the building Pig-Iron crashed into) by Dark Alley, an evil counterpart created by Just'a Lotta Animals foe Feline Faust. Dark Alley was the one who killed Little Cheese. Pig-Iron vouches for her and tells them she contacted him telepathically from the Nether World while he was in Frogzilla's belly and told her of her escape plan. The team accepts her back as a probationary member and resume to search Salamandroid in which Captain Carrot suspects that the villain is located in an underwater base in the Atlantic. Pig-Iron backs out for fear of being rusted and instead to have his metal body repair at an auto shop.

The Zoo Crew goes underwater with Alley-Kat providing the Crew an aura to survive underwater. Soon they track the whereabouts of Salamandroid to the underwater embassy. However, Salamandroid, who is in cohort with the unseen ambassador, expects the Zoo Crew finding them. The ambassador surprises the Crew with a school of strangely familiar starfishes which attach to their faces before they fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, President Arnold hosts a news conference and announces the good news that Vicuna Pacos has successfully broker peace between land and sea animals. When one news reporter question as to why Pacos isn't here right now, Arnold satisfactorily replies that Pacos doesn't enjoy the limelight and had return to his home on Mt. Beaverest in Nepal.

At Mt. Beaverest, Vicuna Pacos manically reveals himself to be megalomaniac Ra's al Ghul-esque Rash Al Paca. He explains to the viewers via hand-puppets of his plans that he created the identity of Vicuna Pacos to secretly forge an alliance with the ambassador, who reveals to be Starro the Conqueror, who in turn employed Salamandroid to stir up hostility between land and sea animals - which he is also responsible for Goldman Fishman's death and blame it on the land animals - and plotted in bringing the Zoo Crew out of seclusion in order to destroy his hated enemies while Rash Al Paca pretended to broker a peace treaty with Starro and gained the world's trust. With the world tricked into thinking that the crisis is over and preventing Earth's superheroes from interfering, Starro and Al Paca are free to proceed their plan in wiping out all of Earth's land mass except for Al Paca's home by bringing the flooding the world. Al Paca carry out his part by launching his own satellite without interference from any government on Earth after having trick President Fillmore to believe that it is a benefit to the environment, and releasing chemicals to quickly eroding the Earth's Ozone layer and causing instant global warming that melts the polar ice caps, thus creating a global flood.

Meanwhile, the Zoo Crew groggily wakes up on Corny Island without remember anything. Despite of their memory loss, the Crew comes to accept American Eagle's beliefs that they may have beaten Salamandroid. The Crew later recuperates at Yankee Poodle's penthouse and sees the news of the supposed peace treaty between land and sea animals and the global flooding caused by Rash Al Paca. The Zoo Crew leaps back into action and flies out the balcony. But suddenly, they are falling which Captain Carrot shouts out that they have completely lost their powers.

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  • The events from this issue coincide with the events from Countdown #24.


  • The sub-title to this issue, "Frog Day Afternoon", is taken from the 1975 crime-noir film Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino.
  • Rodney Rabbit's pitch for a comic series that "comes out once a week" in "fifty-two a year" is a direct reference to 52. Rodney's proposal is met with skepticism from animal analogues of Joey Cavalieri and Dan DiDio.

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