"The Surreal Life": Pig-Iron is walking the Gnu York street literally looking shiny and good as new with his tuned up metal body. He then hears a cry for help and look above to see the Zoo Crew falling. With quick thinking, Pig-Iron grabs a garbage truck and use it to catch the Crew. However, th

Quote1.png What is this place? Everything is so dull and colorless. Those creatures...they look like that guy from our first adventure! What was his name...Supermax? Quote2.png
Captain Carrot

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #3 is an issue of the series Captain Carrot and the Final Ark (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2008.

Synopsis for "The Surreal Life"

Pig-Iron is walking the Gnu York street literally looking shiny and good as new with his tuned up metal body. He then hears a cry for help and look above to see the Zoo Crew falling. With quick thinking, Pig-Iron grabs a garbage truck and use it to catch the Crew. However, the Crew are not grateful for the save and pointed out to Pig-Iron that he could have catch them instead with a pillow truck which so happens to be parked near the garbage truck. In either way, Pig-Iron did save them and the Zoo Crew explains to him of their chase of Salamandroid, their encounter with the Starro parasites, and the loss of their powers after jumping off of Yankee Poodle's balcony. Also important is their knowledge of the flood by showing Pig-Iron to a nearby TV store, which President Arnold addresses that the Ozone layer is destroyed by Rash Alpaca's satellite, causing global flooding and is now urgently needing the Zoo Crew's help to save the planet.

The Crew arrives at the Wild House by Yankee Poodle's private jet and meets Arnold. Captain Carrot brief the news to Arnold of the loss of their powers and recommends that the Crew could train at least to some of the least-experienced super-powered heroes. Unfortunately, Arnold breaks the news to Captain Carrot that the collars in the Collar I.D. Initiative weren't just for identification, but are designed to eliminate the powers of the wearers. Meaning that, with the exception of Pig-Iron, there are no super-powered heroes on Earth.

At the same time, Starro and his lackey Salamandroid spies on what is happening at the Wild House through a (literal) camera bug. Both villains express that everything are going exactly as planned with the Zoo Crew, as in reality, they do retain their superpowers but the Starro's starfishes made them to forget to how to use their powers. Starro is then contacted by his other accomplice Rash Alpaca from Nepal, who ensures that the global flooding will allow Starro to finally conquer the world while leaving Rash's mountain home untouched from the flood - though Starro secretly plans to eventually betray and kill Alpaca in the end.

Back at Yankee Poodle's penthouse, the Zoo Crew are at a loss as to how to save their world without their powers. When Pig-Iron wishes that the Just'a Lotta Animals were here to save the day, this spark Rodney an idea to contact the JLA and that he needs materials to create a JLA comic book to contact them, much to the Crew's bewilderment. After eight-hours had passed, Rodney has finish his comic book and all it needs to be sold, in which it is bought by Fastback. Suddenly a giant hand belonging to the JLA's Green Lambkin appears in the middle of the room and deliver a giant letter, which an eagle lawyer burst out of it and demands restitution for the unlawful sale of Rodney's comic book. Rodney joyfully knows this would happen in order to bridge contact with the JLA and then pleads to the lawyer of Earth's situation and needing the JLA's help. The lawyer agrees only on the condition that Rodney have to fill out the paper works over the infringement. After much signing, the lawyer left back to Earth-C-Minus and right at the moment the Earth is nearly flooded above sea level. However, an idea from Pig-Iron enlighten Fastback to realize that billionaire Barton Boa has the largest cruise ship in the world, the Boa's Ark, that could fit nearly countless passengers and can be use to rescue the flood victims while waiting for the JLA to come.

After Yankee Poodle makes a phone call to Barton Boa, the Crew are helping the flood victims of Gnu York getting on board to the Boa's Ark. The rescue effort is caught on television and is watch by Starro. When he realizes what is happening Starro angrily refuses to have the Zoo Crew to tarnish his plan despite the fact that the flooding is inevitable. Without any contingency plans for this, Starro decides to personally confront the Zoo Crew.

The JLA finally arrive, but are short of some powerful members as it is reveal that the JLA had been involved in another crisis and that the current six-members present could only be spared to help out. Both team then realizes that they can't save every people in the evacuation once every high grounds are underwater, and decide to transport the refugees to Earth-C-Minus. Starro then appears before the heroes, and summoning his whale-control followers to wipe out Gnu York and everyone in it. Pig-Iron, the only hero to have powers, wrestles Starro and tells his team to leave him behind in order for the Ark to escape with Green Lambkin, Zap-Panda and The Crash combining their powers to transport the Boa's Ark to Earth-C-Minus. The ship arrives in the middle of Earth-C-Minus's space and encounters Muttron, Lightstray and Orihound of the New Dogs. The JLA and the New Dogs enters into a brief misunderstanding, in which the Zoo Crew and everyone on the Ark are accidentally sucked into the New Dogs' Kaboom Tube and sent to New Earth.

Once in New Earth, the Ark is speeding towards San Francisco. Batman notices this from the Justice League Satellite and sends an alert to the present Leaguers in San Francisco; consisting of Red Arrow, Hawkgirl and Zatanna Zatara, who are at the middle of a children's charity fundraiser where they see the Ark. Hawkgirl and Zatanna safely lands the ship and open its deck to find its passengers having been transform into non-anthropomorphic animals. As some of the animals rush out of the ship, the Zoo Crew, who are also in this state but are intelligently aware, meet the three Leaguers. While Hawkgirl and Red Arrow are puzzling over the ship and the animals, Zatanna takes a liking to Rodney Rabbit and adopts him to participate in her stage show as the other transformed Zoo Crew members look on helplessly.

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  • Boa's Ark


  • Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew appears next in Final Crisis #7, in which they are restored to their anthropomorphic forms and powers.
  • Despite staying behind in Earth-26, Pig-Iron is seen with the Zoo Crew in their non-anthropomorphic forms.
  • Includes DC Nation #91 editorial by Dan DiDio.

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