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Quote1.png You'd better not try it, Aquaman! If you take one more step -- your city dies! Quote2.png
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Captain Demo is a high-tech underwater pirate with a crew that uses deadly experimental weaponry.

His fully functioning 16th Century pirate ship runs perfectly under the surface of the ocean, and he dresses accordingly. Deciding to conquer Atlantis, he rigged the entire city to explode unless its ruler Aquaman obeyed his every whim while he took over as dictator. Aquaman complied and was even forced to knock out his own wife Mera to protect the Captain, although he turned on him the second he found a working signal jammer for the detonator. Demo was immediately knocked out in a fist-fight while his occupying crew were defeated by Topo the Octopus, although the rest of his men rescued him and they escaped to fight another day.[1]


  • Amphibious Nature: Captain Demo seems inexplicably capable of surviving at the bottom of the ocean, as do all members of his pirate crew.[1]


Other Characteristics


  • Laser Sword: Not a sword made out of lasers, a sword with a laser attached to it.
  • Oxygen Pistol: Demo carries a pistol that disrupts the water molecules of the Ocean creating pockets of oxygen, which he uses to suffocate his under-water foes.


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