Captain Desmo (Earth-Two)

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O.K., then I'll go POUFF --- I'll have no part of your fiendish schemes! Captain Desmo

In the 1930s, Captain Desmo was a roving aviator and adventurer.


While still in his teens, "Captain Desmo" led a flight of Allied planes in World War I. During that time he shot down at least ten enemy planes and countless observation balloons.

Years later, flying an open-cockpit biplane over the wastelands of Mongolia, Captain Desmo encountered a shoot-out between a gang of Mongolian bandits and an Emco Oil Company outpost. Desmo had some hand grenades with him, and pitched in. The bandit gang was run by a ruthless warlord named Genghis Ahkim, whom Desmo had met once before. Desmo lost no time in flying to Ahkim's stronghold, barged in, and confronted him there. Their clash went very badly for Desmo, but it soon turned out that Genghis Ahkim had two more enemies: (1) the humble innkeeper that managed his lair, and (2) the innkeeper's real boss, General Fang Sue Lee, who had his own air force, and a tank. Soon Genghis Ahkim was in General Fang's custody, and he has not been seen again.

Powers and Abilities




  • Desmo flies an antique open-cockpit biplane, with a black star insignia.


  • In his first appearance in New Adventure Comics #26, the captions consistently refer to him as "Captain Desmo" and "Desmo", with the quotation marks, implying that this is not his real name.
  • His helmet and his aircraft are marked with a 5-pointed black star.
  • Desmo has some history in Mongolia, before his series starts, being old pals with General Fang and old enemies with Genghis Ahkim. No accounts of their earlier encounters seem to exist.


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