Captain Luthor is a refugee from an alternate Earth destroyed by Superman.

On his world, Luthor was a member of a military force called Hellfire 3-1 who fought the evil Superman of their world. Hellfire 3-1 wore dog tags in the shape of an inverted Superman logo with “hELL/7734” engraved on the back. He served under General Sam Lane and was married to his daughter Lois. When Hellfire 3-1 engaged Superman he killed all of them except Luthor.[1][2]

After Superman destroyed his Earth, Luthor survived and was able to make his way to Earth-Prime. He believed the Superman of this other world would also become a murderer and so sought to destroy him. He sabotaged two nuclear plants so he could observe Superman in action while hidden from his x-ray vision by the lead lined walls. At each site he would leave a microscopic inscription reading “You are not a hero Kal-El” in Kryptonian.

At the third plant, he attacked Superman, his Warsuit proving equal to the Kryptonian’s superpowers. The two fought an aerial battle across the world and even into orbit, which ended when Luthor stabbed Superman with a Kryptonite blade.[3]

The knife he had stabbed Superman with had been his last piece of Kryptonite, so Luthor searched the world for more, only to find that all Kryptonite on this world had been systematically gathered and destroyed. As his Warsuit was running low on power he travelled in his ship which Sam Lane, an ally of Superman on this world, was able to track to Mongolia.

Superman followed him and the two fought again, but Luthor escaped by setting his ship to self-destruct and sending it to fly to the nearest city, forcing Superman to abandon him to stop it. He sent his Warsuit, operating on remote control, to the Department of Defence. The suit fought its way to General Lane’s command position and warned him not to trust Superman, handing him the alternate Sam Lane’s dog tag.[1]

Until he could find the materials necessary to build a new Warsuit, Luthor and his AI partner relocated to an RV and tracked the Lois Lane of Earth-Prime to Smallville, Kansas, correctly deducing that Lois had a connection to Superman and that wherever Lois went, Superman would follow. Luthor approached Lois, posing as a reporter named August Bridgewater and claimed to be investigating Morgan Edge. He found that this other Lois was identical to his wife in almost every way.

Luthor detected Superman flying over Smallville as he fought another man with Kryptonian-like superpowers. Luthor shot them both down but by the time he reached the crash site, Superman had left and his opponent had been destroyed by his own powers.

The next day he saw Lois with her husband Clark Kent and destroyed his AI in a jealous rage.[2]



  • Warsuit: (Formerly) A suit of high-tech power armour which allows him to fly and grants him sufficient strength, speed and durability to fight Superman.[3] It is equipped with wrist mounted blasters and is capable of operating without a pilot. He sent it to carry a message to Sam Lane and no longer has access to it.[1]


  • Luthor’s Ship: (Formerly) An advanced, AI controlled flying vehicle, later destroyed.[1]
  • Luthor’s RV After his ship was destroyed, Luthor relocated to an RV filled with weapons and advanced computers.[2]


  • Kryptonite Knife (Formerly)[3]
  • Twin Bazooka[2]



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