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Captain Storm was a ruthless pirate who long ago buried his treasure in the place where Holliday College would eventually be built.

Captain Storm built up his notoriety in life as a cold murderer who'd kill even his own crew to keep treasure for himself, but died before he was ever able to use his ill-gotten gains. At his execution he ensured he'd cause chaos long after he died with an announcement that he'd put a map to his treasure in a sealed bottle at sea.

Three centuries later the bottle floated, with an eerie green glow, to the boat of a criminal called Cap'n Barnacle as Barnacle and his gang were escaping Wonder Woman. Barnacle quickly realized what he'd chanced upon and was willing to kill witnesses to ensure his recovery of the gold remained secret.[1]


  • Captain Storm never fights Wonder Woman himself, as all his appearances are flashbacks save one brief sighting of his ghost when his strangely intact sunken ship is discovered.[1]



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