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The Captains of Industry was a very loose-knit and short-lived group was founded by a partnership between Vandermeer Steel and the Sunderland Corporation.


This was in response to an attack by Firestorm, who had targeted Vandermeer for polluting the environment. Firestorm threatened to destroy Vandermeer's factories if they didn't clean up their operations. It was Vandermeer who first conceived the idea of putting together their own team of metahuman protectors for just this kind of defense.

The Captains later became a small task force for the Institute of Metahuman Studies. At the time, the Institute was headed by the former Suicide Squad associate, Simon LaGrieve.

The Captains later served alongside Black Adam and the Suicide Squad on an especially bloody mission. Major Victory from the Squad "defected" from his team and joined the Captains.[1]

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