Carggites are a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Cargg.


They all have the natural ability of Bio-Fission allowing the split their physical form into three independent bodies. The Carggites triplicates possess the exact same emotions, those who don't are considered something of a social outcast, requiring psychological treatment.

Carggites were revealed to have been a group of genetically engineered humanoids who were part of a eugenics program to create superpowered beings undertaken by a species called the Dominators. A Daxamite hero rescued the test subjects and relocated them to new lives on other worlds. Those with Bio-Fussion powers were placed on a world with three suns, making this new planet their home.

By the 30th century, Cargg was a populated and thriving world, with excellent relations with the United Planets government.

A notable Carggite is Luornu Durgo were sponsored into the Legion of Super-Heroes to use their abilities for the good of the galaxy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Bio-Fission: Carggites have the ability to split into three distinct humanoid bodies, but with a single mind linking them as one. They share thoughts memories and feeling once they are merged as one.


  • Trijitsu: The Carggites have developed various sports and fighting techniques to match the triplication ability.


  • Multiple Personalities: There is a risk that a Carggite can develop multiple personality disorder. An example of this is Luornu Durgo, each of her bodies has its own will and personality.
  • Duplicate Death: It was believed that the three bodies were linked and on the death of one body the others would also die. This was proved wrong in the case of Luornu Durgo. After the death of one of them at the hands of Computo, she could only split into two bodies. It is not clear if all Carggites can do this or this is related to her personality disorder that separated herself from her other forms.


Type of Government:

  • Democratic

Level of Technology:

  • Advanced



  • During the Crisis of 3 Worlds, Luornu Durgo Bio-Fission is no longer limited to two or three bodies. She can create duplicate bodies apparently without limit. As to the origin of this new power, it is still not revealed.

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