Carl Draper, nicknamed "Moosie" by his classmates, was an overweight and introverted boy who grew up in Smallville. Infatuated with Lana Lang, he resented Superboy, with whom Lana was infamously obsessed: On one occasion, when Carl and his classmates were accidentally trapped in a cave, Carl discovered the way out after courageously exploring but was denied the credit for rescuing Lana and the others when Superboy arrived before he could get help.

On another occasion, Draper coerced Superboy into creating a robot named Kator as a sparring partner, but the robot became self aware and attacked Superboy. The Boy of Steel destroyed the robot, but not before it had passed on its memories and powers to Draper, who became the new Kator. Jonathan Kent was able to remove Kator's powers using a cutoff device created to stop the original robot, and Superboy removed Draper's memory of ever being Kator.

As an adult, Draper moved to Metropolis, underwent cosmetic surgery to make himself handsome, lost weight, and became a master at crafting highly advanced security systems. He created a prison specifically designed to hold super villains, the Mount Olympus Correctional Facility. Unfortunately, Superman, in an attempt to make the prison even more secure, relocated it to orbit using an anti-gravity platform and covered the entire prison with a plastic bubble.

Although Superman suggested that Draper's achievement be recognized by giving the penitentiary the alias "Draper's Island," Draper was once again denied the credit for his work, as the reporters present, chief among them none other than Lana Lang, went for the sensationalistic angle and popularized the nickname "Superman's Island" instead, ignoring the knowledge and effort that Draper required to build it. Enraged, Draper created the identity of the Master Jailer for himself, kidnapped Lana Lang, and created a series of traps for Superman, intent on revenge and receiving his due admiration for his skill as a criminal. He was defeated by Superman and incarcerated in his own prison.

Since then, Superman and the Master Jailer have clashed various times over the years. The Master Jailer also once tried his hand at matching wits with Supergirl, having been contracted by a convocation of the Girl of Steel's enemies to neutralize her. However, he was met with no more luck in this endeavor than when matched up with her male counterpart.



  • Traps & Prisons: The Master Jailer's specialty is in the construction of high-tech snares and prisons capable of confining even the most powerful detainee by managing optimal exploitation of the prisoner's weaknesses and limitations.


  • Although loath to engage himself in personal combat, the Master Jailer has made use of complicated weapons and devices in the past to hold his own at least for a little while in a fight with Superman. On one occasion, Master Jailer found a means of harnessing the powers of Metallo, Parasite and Atomic Skull.



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