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Security expert Carl Draper was hired by S.T.A.R. Labs to create a cell capable of holding Conduit, prompting his daughter Carla to ask if he could create a cell capable of a real challenge -- holding Superman himself. Creating the hologram Deathtrap as a false identity to hide his true one, Draper set out to capture Superman but failed, and subsequently became obsessed with proving he could actually contain the Man of Steel.

Carla, who had previously adopted the identity of Snare and clashed with Superboy, later used the Deathtrap hologram, now calling that identity Locksmith, without her father's knowledge, while Draper himself apparently adopted the Master Jailer identity while working for the villainous Manchester Black.

Having been psychically given knowledge of Superman's true identity alongside many other members of his rogues' gallery, the Master Jailer teamed up with Neutron in an initial attack on the White House with the aim of getting at Clark Kent by harming his childhood friends, then-Vice President Pete Ross and his wife Lana Lang.

Later, the Master Jailer ganged up on Superman alongside several other villains recruited to Manchester Black's cause, including Bizarro, Mongul, the Silver Banshee, and Metallo. Ultimately, Master Jailer and his allies were dispatched by Superman when he used Neutron as a nuclear missile to obliterate their island battleground.

Some time passed before Carl Draper re-emerged, this time as a security consultant in the employ Checkmate. Before long, Draper was promoted to Checkmate Head of Security, under the code name Castellan. He protected Checkmate from a number of attacks by an unknown party, who Draper himself privately suspected was Carla.




  • Kryptonite
  • In his first (and as of yet, only) physical encounter with Superman, the Master Jailer employed the use of chain links capable of being thrown like projectiles, which would expand into metallic nets and snares upon reaching their target. The chain links could also be connected together and made to expose spikes on command.
  • It is as of yet unconfirmed if the Master Jailer that fought Superman during the Ending Battle storyline was truly Carl Draper or another individual. However, knowledge of his Pre-Crisis counterpart and his alter ego makes it a matter of probable conjecture that Draper was the Master Jailer in Post-Crisis continuity as well.



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