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Carl Ferris was the father of Carol Ferris and the owner of the Ferris Aircraft.

Carl started his company with a partner, Conrad Bloch, who was a skilled pilot but with little work ethic outside his specific job description. Eventually, Carl Ferris felt that Bloch was not contributing adequately to the enterprise and arranged for him to be removed from the partnership. Bloch became a business rival to Ferris, a relationship that for Bloch eventually deteriorated into a murderous vendetta.[1]

Years passed, and his daughter, Carol, grew up to a responsible woman, leading the way for Carl to retire and leave Carol in charge of the company while he traveled for two years.[2]

While staying in Zurich, Switzerland, Carl and his wife get kidnapped by Bloch's men.[3] This was part of his vengeance against Carl, which included the cooperation of Bloch's sons into blackmailing the congress into cancelling their contracts with Ferris Aircraft and forcing Carol to bomb Ferris Aircraft, which drew Green Lantern's attention. Green Lantern thwarted Bloch's plan, but the villain was mortally wounded in the attempt to kill the whole Ferris family, Carl felt partly responsible for the situation.[1]

When Carl returned as head of Ferris Aircraft, deeming Carol unprepared to deal with the company, he had to deal with the economical mess they were in, laying off a big part of the workers and merging both of Ferris facilities into one, much to Carol and Hal's disgust.[4]

In New Earth continuity, Ferris only pretended to have traveled the world playing golf, when in fact he had became gravely ill out of guilt for being partly responsible in the death of Martin Jordan and it was made to look like he had given Carol permission to run the company in his stead to prevent their business from collapsing due to the criticism against Carol of being able to run their business.[5]


  • His first appearance in Showcase #22 named Carol’s father as “Willard” Ferris in Secret of the Flaming Spear. It was later changed to “Carl” in the story Hal Jordan Betrays Green Lantern featured in Green Lantern (Volume 2) #21 where he claims he wanted a son, Carl, Jr., but got a Carol instead.



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