Father of Carol Ferris, was the owner of the Ferris Aircraft Company until he retired and turned over control of the company to his daughter. He started his company with a partner, Conrad Bloch, who was a skilled but with little work ethic outside his specific job description. Eventually, Carl Ferris felt that Bloch was not contributing adequately to the enterprise and arranged for him to be removed from the partnership. Bloch became a business rival to Ferris, a relationship that for Bloch deteriorated into a murderous vendetta.

In New Earth continuity, Ferris only pretended to have traveled the world playing golf, when in fact he had became gravely ill out of guilt for being partly responsible in the death of Martin Jordan and it was made to look like he had given Carol permission to run the company in his stead to prevent their business from collapsing due to the criticism against Carol of being able to run their business.[1]



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